Sailor Nemesis Picture

Noriko Tenkei aka Sailor Nemesis, one of my characters at the SM RPG Hearts in Chaos. She's one of the eeeevil Asteroid Senshi, and thus gets to have SPIKES, something that most magical girls are typically not allowed, not to mention the spiffy black bodysuit--slimming!

I realized while I was checking her app that I did not in fact include what kinds of shoes she wore on it. FAIL. Fabu has thus far given her heels in fanarts, but I decided to put on some big tall black boots because, well, I love them. ALso, being a senshi means you have legs longer than your body, so might as well have the tallest boots on the market to go with! I also decided to make her choker match her wristbands instead of just giving her the plain dark blue one I originally put on her app...pretty sure I won't get banned for that, haha. I don't know why I didn't pleat her skirt, it just looked nice to me like this...the gray border was not in her app either but Fabu drew her with one and I really liked it, so I kept it here too.

Her skin is supposed dusky, somewhat darker than that of the average Japanese person, and I was very unsure how it was going to come's not hideous, is it? Also I am aware her right arm is wonky, thank you.

Note the tiny design of silver wings on her brooch. They are a reference to the winged goddess Nemesis, as is her weapon, a scourge, which is a multi-thonged whip carried by the goddess Nemesis in mythology with which to flay those deserving of divine punishment
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