[KH MMD] - OC Fenrir Bio Picture


Full name : Fenrir

Age : 18 (immortal)

Species : Demi-God

Gender : Male

Born at : Olympus Colliseum

Lives at : Where ever he wants

Life Story

Fenrir is the son of the god of the Underworld Hades and his wife Persephone. When he was 18, he tried to sneak into Olympus and cause chaos, he was, however, caught by the father of the gods, Zeus. Zeus cursed him with an immortal life, which Fenrir first gladly accepted. But Zeus also took all his emotions and feelings from him and thus making Fenrirs eternal life to living hell for him. 100 years later, Fenrir offered Zeus a deal. He would fight a champion chosen by the god. If he was lose the fight, he'd go to Tartarus, the deepest depth of the Underworld where terrifying creatures are kept. But if he was to win, he'd get all his emotions back. Zeus agreed with one condition though: If he gets back his emotions, he will be mortal again and Zeus will hunt him. Fenrir accepted. He fought Hercules and he won. But Zeus tricked him. Fenrir will get his emotions back once he finds true love and happiness, and then, when he is happy with his girlfriend/wife he will be mortal once more and Zeus will hunt him down.

Familie and Friends

Parents : Hades and Persephone

Siblings : plenty because gods aren't very faithful to their realationship xD

Best friends : Elena (though he'd never admit it

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