Gaia and Ouranus Picture

I'm reading my Classic Mythology text book and right now it's the chapter about Creation, so Hesiod's creation myth how first there was Chaos. Chaos then made Gaia/Ge/Gaea (Terra in Latin) (and a few others) then Gaia gave birth to Ouranus (Uranus in Latin). Ouranus seduces Gaia (very Freudian of him) and they have a whole bunch of kids, inculding Cronus/Kronos. So Gaia is the personification of Earth while Ouranus is the heaven/sky.

Thus in my drawing Ouranus is the sky blue guy (his skin is like the sky during the day while his hair is the sky when the sun is setting). Ouranus' eyes are clouds since the clouds are in the sky. Gaia's skin represents dirty while her hair is the grass and the trees, mountains, flowers etc. Gaia's eyes are very badly drawn Earths. the left one as Australia, India, Japan and China while the right one as Europe, North American, Africa.
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