Pure Picture

This is my first attempt at a custom AQW armor in a LONG time xD It is called "Pure" and is basically the essence of an extremely pure individual. All individuals start with an... essence covering (for lack of a better term) called "Impressionable" (working on it now) and that is neutral. As the player does the quests, a side is chosen through player choices and interaction rather than one simple cutscene and then that is it lol. Instead, as the player does this storyline, they will drift from "Neutral" to either Pure (Good), Taint (Evil), or Corrupt (Chaotic).

The entire mythology and such behind these armors, quests and other items I will be making and uploading is still also being fleshed out, but even so I have the basics down xD (Four sides: Good, Evil, Chaos, Neutral)

It is still a WIP but for the most part all the main pieces are there. Feedback?
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