Aztec Parade Picture

Manly (heavily actually) based on the works of legendary DA member Humon. As the title suggests, this is a parade of mythological creatures, Aztec mythological creatures to be more precise.

Hence Ahuízotl appearance on MLP:FiM I wanted to do a picture like this, and its finally done.

Its a complete mix of styles what I have done here so it looks crappy.

From left to right they are:

1- Ahuízotl: Dog-like creature with five (three here) hands, one on each limb. He hunted
humans on lakes and was also in charge of taking the sacrifices meant for water deities.

2- Tlaltecuhtli: She and Cipactli have exactly the same myth, even their appearance is similar,
so I came up with this completely out of nowhere gorilla-like demon, the only difference of
Tlaltecuhtli myth it’s that she was used to create the 5fth earth. Other difference she has
with Cipactli is that she reclaims sacrifices.

3- Cipactli: A colossal alligator and embodiment of chaos that was used to create earth for
the first time; his hundreds’ mouths become caves and lakes, his hair on trees and his
fangs and bones on metal and minerals.

4- Nahual: Do not confuse with the sorcerer (Nagual) this one is a spirit of the nature, and serves
or teaches those who live in harmony with the earth. An equivalent of a nymph

5- Alux: The Aztec equivalent of the Nordic’s gnome, as they are also both; helpful and treacherous,
is quite similar to a human in aspect but much smaller, however I based this on the mini-wrestler
"Alushe" who based his alter ago on this mythical being.

And this is it, hope you like it.
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