Fenris Character Sheet Picture

Name: Fenris Lukos
Age: Unknown (Appears in his early 20s)
Height: 5'8"
Race: Jotun/Wolf

Personality: Fiercely loyal, can be shy at times, stubborn, easily angered, prone to mood swings, caring and can be a bit dense at times.

Powers and Abilities:
- Can project ice and cold fire based attacks
- Demi-god level durability and strength
- Can summon his sword with a thought though the form is constantly shifting, rough, and jagged due to his inability to control his chaotic powers. The end of his sword always appears as a ever changing vapor, whispy cloud.

Fenris is the son of the Wolf King, Fenrir. Born into a life of battle and hatred from his father and grandfather's war with Asgard, Fenris always had conflicting feelings about the whole ordeal. Being a child of Chaos and having some level of the chaotic power that his father and grandfather have, Fenris is quite powerful but is unable to quite control this power fully, at least not like his brother, father and grandfather can. Fenris began to doubt the war and the way his father did things and finally questioned him which earned him a rebuke and was cast out from his father's forces and home labeling him an enemy. Fenris escaped to Midgard where he seeks his own path and a way to put an end to the fighting while combating his own inner chaos.

Finally got around to finishing my updated reference sheet for Fenris. The most noteable changes to Fenris are his bracers and jacket. The bracers match the real life Bracers I showed off in my journal recently lord-naraku.deviantart.com/jou…. His jacket is now simply a jacket, I removed the hoodie part and changed it up a little bit. His changes were minor at most than the other characters. I also changed the birthmark tattoo that is on Fenris back, its more celtic now being a Celtic Triskele.

His personality and appearance are based somewhat on myself, loosely.

When you look at this sheet and then at this one: lord-naraku.deviantart.com/art… You can tell he's come a long way. I actually think I've improved art wise after looking at this new one and then at the old one.

Fenris Lukos, Stigande (c)
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