Valhalla Warrior of the Gods-Loki God Picture

Physical Attributes:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale White
Race: Asgardian
Height: 5'4
Powers: Magic over darkness and chaos
Dress Color: Coat is black with gold and dark red within the gold, coat belt buckle is gold, top is dark red with gold and a dark purple gem, belt is black with gold buckle, pants black, armor gold with black and dark purple gems
Shoes Color: Boots black
Accessory: Staff is black with a hint of purple


Valhalla Warrior of the Gods. Loki God of Chaos and Mischief. The armor, outfit, and hair is all redone. Yay I like Loki new look except I think I drew him a little shorter than what he should be lol. A lot of the story and character backgrounds and personalities have been changed you will see if I ever get to this story. This is a revamp of the old Loki. Let me know what you think of Loki redesign.

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