Amber's She Mask story 4 Picture

Later that night, before taking a shower to go to the audition, she heard a loud noise downstairs in the basement. She headed down to see her brother going into a huge hole in the wall and followed him. She grabbed his shoulder making him scream and almost drop his laptop.

"Amber, what are you doing here?!"
"I could ask you the same question. What is this place?"
"I was looking to see if dad had any books for my history report and I found this place behind his workshop. All the books are on Norse mythology. I have enough info to get an A++"

Amber looked across the library with her brother before looking across a hallway, seeing a green mask on a pedestal.

"What's that though?" asked Amber.
"That mask on that pedestal"
"I don't know, but there's a book right next to it."

"The Mask of Loki dates back centuries when the Norse God of Mischief, Loki, created the mask to spread his love for chaos around the world. Whoever wears the mask will gain powers beyond all imagination. If the wearer is male, it will cause them to be womanizing, gun slinging psychos but if the wearer is female----"

"If it's female...what?"
"It doesn't say anything past that."
"I guess no girl has ever worn the mask."
"maybe I should try, you never know."
"Amber, you're ridiculous. It's a wooden mask, it's obviously a fake."
"Come on, let's just try it on. What else does it say?"
"It says it can only be worn at night, never in the day."
"Hmm...well it's already night time."
"Fine, whatever. Live out your fantasies. It's almost time for you to leave anyway. I'm grabbing a couple of books and I'm going to my friends house to study."

After several minutes of packing books, Amber heard her brother leave the house and his friend's mom's car leave. She was about to leave herself before she looked back at the mask one last time.
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