White rabbit of Inaba Picture

Here's my new OC Usagi Shirako (TR => albino rabbit)
the title is taken from the japanese mythology of the white rabbit of inaba since I think it suits my OC's personality and history very well
she was said to be the reincarnation of the Inaba of the moon and therefore represents the Inaba's heir
also does her mother have the name Inaba and she's the leading priest with the abilities of fortune tellers and such
so Usagi in this case will come into an inheritance but if she really wants it? well who knows >_>
Usagi loves all kinds of ribbons and the snow and prefers to play in the moonshine rather than in the daylight due to the fact that the Shirako clan is an albino clan and their sight is reduced
my other OC Ketsubame Shirako (TR=> bloody swallow) whom she is distantly related to as cousin is some kind of her bodyguard
since she likes to show off with her cuteness she and Itaru Ritsuo in this point are rivals
Some other facts about the Shirako clan:
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