The Evil I Created Picture

Sometimes mistakes we make in the past haunt us long into the future. Centuries ago, when I was a powerful creature of Chaos capable of transcending time and space, I made a very foolish error in judgement. In my lustful obsession to further expand upon the beauty of Oneiroia I created hundreds of thousands of spectral drones and sent them out into the universe to find things to inspire new ideas of what to create within Oneiroia. I would never allow my drones to survive for any lengthy period of time however; for I feared them growing too powerful and possibly bringing harm to the world I had created with my beloved, Adilia, so whenever their appointed tasks were done or they started to show signs of independence I would either re-absorb them or cut the psychic link between them and I leaving them to fade away without my energy to feed them. This worked well...until the one.

One of my drones apparently survived my attempt to destroy it by severing the psychic link. The drone found its way to a world brimming with evil, hatred, and malice. The inhabitants of that world had warred with each other for centuries and lived with much contempt and cruelty between each other (they were a lot like Mankind actually). The drone tapped into the atmosphere of that world and fed upon all the negative energy which radiated within its aura. It gained new life and was transformed into a cruel anti-version of myself. This marked the birth of my greatest enemy, Malanchton! ...Or Malice as he prefers to be called. A terrible evil that I unwittingly had a hand in creating. I created my own worst enemy. How's that for irony?
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