Temper and Hades Ref Picture

[Full View For Detail, sorry this file is so big!]

Brand new ref for Hades since the first one I made for him was way back in 2012 when I first started drawing night furies. And what's this? I've finally added his partner, Temper!

Yeah, so these guys are basically me and my car in HTTYD! Because I'm strange and like to picture that my car is a dragon. Long story short, I had gotten a black 2001 Camaro for my birthday and named it Hades, and the shape of the car for some reason had begun to remind me of Toothless. So I decided to draw him as night fury! This is the first ref I did for him: [link]

And this is real life Hades the car: [link]

Most of my characters are inspired by odd things
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