Fenris Wolfclaw Picture

A character I've had in mind. ^^

Age: 18

Likes: Kevin, Ring, calm nights, training, protecting others, eating

Dislikes: Water, enemies of Kevin, getting his tail pulled, getting bitten

Fear: Losing control of himself

Main language: Norwegian

Fenris' real name was Magnus, until a serious of events made him change it.

At the age of 13, his powers awakened and his once human body turned into that of a wolf, the Fenris Wolf from Norse Mythology. He went berserk and fled to the mountains. Not long after, Kevin, Trey and Zack (which were friends with Fenris) found him and tried to calm him down. When Trey and Zack gets knocked unconsious, Kevin uses one of the full extended powers of his Raijin abilities, which are based on Thor, and creates a chain out of energy to hold him and drain his energy, litterally working as the "Gleipner" in Norse Mythology. This return Fenris to his usual self again.

Years later, Fenris finds Kevin again at his current stay with his new friends, calling him master. Kevin is confused as to why Fenris calls him that, and Fenris explains that by saving him back then, made him really understand the meaning of having a bond with someone, and vowed his life to train until he was strong enough, and then protect his "master" from that moment forward.
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