The Primal Sea. Picture

This one landscape I made under the impression from the book "Midrash Lilith".
I highly recommend on this book for all fantasy and mythology lovers.

The antique primal sea, is sad to be the very first place to be created wean the world was made.
This stormy sea, known as the great abyss is an endless battle between light and darkness. Wean reality was first build and the waves of the chaos been banished, the great sea was first to be born.
This unique and forbidden place lies on the edge of existence, and can only be reached throughout the underworld.
The great sea inhabits within itself the very cycle of life.

"As black waves die white waves are born, as white waves full black wave's rise."

This eternal battle represents both life and death, both good and evil.
Aside from constantly attempting to loose and devour the land, the sea holds a terrible secret.
In its shifting waters, hidden from all eyes, lie the ancient monsters.
This terrible beasts been banished by the gods in the dawn of time, and been imprisoned for eternity in the great abyss.
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