Auxilio: Seth Picture

SETH (1-Σεθ, 2-Σήθ ): Compare with other forms of Seth.
1. Greek form of Egyptian Set, meaning "one who dazzles." In mythology, this is the name of an ancient evil god of Chaos, storms, and the desert, who slew Osiris.
2. Greek form of Hebrew Sheth, meaning "appointed." In the bible, this is the name of the third son of Adam and Eve.

Name: Seth
Name meaning: One who dazzles, Appointed.
Nickname: Set
Age: unknown
Gender: stallion: Iantor
Breed: Auxilio
Height: 17.3 hh, 176 Cm
Coat: Black
Eye Color: Green
Dam: Unknown
Sire: unknown
Siblings: none
Herd: Cyristal River
Mate: None
Foals: None
Mane: Blonde with Blue
Socks: White
Other markings: White broken stripe
Hooves: Gray
Up for breeding: No

Seth Loves bells, He has to bands with bells on his hind legs. He is vary loyal like the rest of his breed and afraid of water. So why he lives with a herd that has rivers on all sides he'll never know.

Auxilio Breed by ~Opium5 ~dat-inu *abosz007
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