Arche', Goddes of the beginning Picture


Ladies and Gentleman, one of my favourite characters: Archè!!

This was a really big challenge to me, but I'm REALLY satisfied of her design, I'm really proud.
It's so strange, there's so much colour, and I like it! Archè is like a child sometimes, so I like that she is so colourful!!

And now a little oiece of mythology ^^

Archè is the first creature that emerged from the Nun, a sort of black chaotic sea, and there was nothing else than her, and the Nun.
When she issued, she was bringing in her mouth an egg (Her "true" form is the one of a feathered flying snake, like the Quetzalcoatl). From that egg Fiusis and Basileus were born.

When Chaos attempted to kill Basileus, Archè confined herself and the evil god in the spiritual dimension, to protect the world the other gods created.

sooo she always looked at the world from far away, but she never could touch it!! This is why sometimes she can seem a little childish :3 She's curious about the world!!

Well, I hope you'll like her as much I do ^^

I will post the last gods's designs in theese day ^^

See ya!!

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