The Great Yokai King's Empire Picture

This is a series long over due. With my love of Japanese mythology, more specifically the love of Yokai(class of demon, spirits and monsters within Japan's folklore) I ended up with this. There are hundreds of different Yokai and the idea came to me of a vast parallel dimensional within Japan itself. It is parallel yes and but it more harkening back to a early period in Japanese history. Feudal Japan (anyone mentions Inuyasha your comment will be deleted). So after much research I give you the Great Demon King's(as he is also known) Japan.

The Mighty Demon Emperor, The Great Yokai King Yoshimitsu. He rules over a mythical plane within the realm of Japan. This plane is almost entirely cut off from the human world by protective barriers(which humans put up centuries ago). The plane in question mirrors feudal era Japan. As such most of denizens of this plane refer to the lands as Nippon, which is the formal native name of Japan. There are ways to enter this place but it would be most unwise as the Demon King does not show the greatest of kindness towards mortal folk(he detests humans). His chaotic yet efficiently run empire is filled with many Yokai; demons, spirits and monsters of Japanese lore. They all serve him or face his terrible wrath. The King has five beautiful (Beautiful in the demon realm) Daughters. These Demon Daughters represent the five elements of Japan. His daughters are Amejisutoōkiddo, Haurumagunoria, Safaiarōtasu, Beriruhaibisukasu and Emerarudoaibī or Ameji, Hauru, Safai, Berir and Emera. He has also adopted Wasabi-Yochiba's daughter, Taigāaisunappudoragon or Taigāai for short. There are several Yokai that personal work under the Great King in his palace. They range from Guards and Monks to Apothecaries and Sorceresses. The around his palace are many districts which are laid out in the typical style of Japanese culture. Not all the demons, monsters and spirits have particular jobs within his realm.

Demon Daughters
Emerald Ivy, (JP) Emerarudoaibī. The first born daughter of the Demon King. She embodies the element of Earth. The Earthbound Viridian Spider.
Beryl Hibiscus, (JP) Beriruhaibisukasu. Is the second to be born. She represents Fire. The Blazing Scarlet Hawk.
Howlite Magnolia, (JP) Haurumagunoria. The middle daughter, third to be born. Empowered by the element of wind. The Gale Ivory Wolf.
Sapphire Lotus, (JP) Safaiarōtasu or. The second last to be born. Water is the force in which she is imbued. The Liquidus Cerulean Serpent.
Amethyst Orchid (JP) Amejisutoōkiddo. She is the eldest of the five daughters. She is gifted with the almighty element of Void, of the Heavens. The Void Violet Butterfly.
Tigereye Snapdragon, (JP) Taigāaisunappudoragon. Daughter of Wasabi-Yochiba. She is known as The Autumn Orange Fox, as for the time of year she was born.

Ancient Guards
Long dead imperial guards brought back as skeletal demons to protect the Yokai King and the Empress. From any moment in history in which an Imperial guard dies, they can be brought back from that era to serve as protection for the Demon King and his family. The Demon King seems quite fond of Edo period Guards however and thus most of them are from that era.

Infernal Imperialist General, Kin'iro no ōkami
The Gilded Wolf (it's what his name translates to). During the first few years after Shogun Wraith left the King's side and became a member of the Cult of Black Chaos, a smith and his workers wanted to do something to fill the void left by the general's absence. They also wanted to alleviate the depression and fury it caused the Great Demon King. They set about crafting something that would be worthy to distract their ruler for a time while a new general was appointed. They began construction of a large wolf statue made from the most purest gold (Materials that maybe of value in our world could be of less importance in the demon one and in greater abundance). Once it was finished the smith presented his great work to the king. The king was more then overjoyed to have a magnificent piece to place in his palace...and yet he still needed a general. Then the young smith's apprentice piped up stating, "Your Excellency why not have the statue of this Gilded Wolf as your new General?" The Elder smith astonished and how openly his apprentice spoke to the king was about to strike him when the king raised his hand with an awed look on his face. "Why my young smith...that is truly a wonderful idea." the king immediately sent for his most skilled Oni sorceress, the High Priestess, Sunēku Ma Fujo. He instructed her to bring this great stature to life. Sunēku Ma Fujo did with great relish, but with also great fear. As the animation of inanimate object is a large challenge for even the most skilled practitioner of magic. Giving a soul to something that never had one was dangerous. Yet after her spell was cast the statue of the Gilded Wolf was brought to life, its skin of gold, its mind only that of his master's will. The young's smith's apprentice was giving a vow when he was of age and skill he would be allowed to work in the palace as the master smith, of course the elder smith was not forgotten, he was commissioned personally in creating new structures and wings for the imperial palace from a brand new manor and forge, given to him directly from the king himself.

Infernal Imperial Soldiers
As any great King would tell you, you cannot lead a nation without an army. This is especially true if you’re a demon king trying to conquer the entire mythical world of Japan....and possibly other lands unknown. The Demon King's army numbers in the hundreds of thousands and it grows often thanks to a portal the King opened to bolster his demonic forces. They are train rigorously and daily. Never before has an army so evil been able to work as a well oiled machine.

Enenra Ninjas
These ghost like ninja serve the King and will eliminate rivals competition wherever it might be. However though, these Enenra, fog spirits, only answer to one, Haurumagunoria, Howlite Magnolia the King's wolf-demon daughter of the wind.

High Priestess, Sunēku Ma Fujo
The King's most skilled Sorceress in the demon king's realm is one Sunēku Ma Fujo, an unusual hybrid of both an Oni and a Naga demons. Sunēku's father was an Oni chieftain and her mother was a Naga witch. As the Naga are, strictly speaking a Middle eastern class of demon, it begged several questions as how both of them came together. It seems to be that while the naga witch was exploring she somehow fell into a cross dimensional portal which caused her to appear in the Demon King's Realm, but within the areas controlled by Oni Tribes. Her mother met with one of the chieftains and their romance is said to have blossomed from there. Sunēku Ma Fujo is the result of their union. Her name means Snake Demon Sorceress

Oni Sorceresses
Breaking off from the notion that Oni are nothing more then bloodthirsty, slow witted brutes; these young female Oni have decided to choose a path of mystical learning. They dabble in ancient and dark arcane arts. They are among the Yokai King’s court as high ranking advisers. With powers in mysticism, divination, destructive magic, minor necromancy, summoning and portal usage; they are the all purpose spell casters within the kingdom's wall. As the sorceresses are well versed with Portal Magic, they are the ones whom help bolster the King's forces with the Gateways they open to infernal and fiery dimensions. Although primarily magic users, that is not to say these Oni woman are at all weak when forced into one-on-one armed combat. As they are Oni, they possess the amazing strength of their dull witted, less then magical brethren. They can focus power into single and deadly strikes from their naginatas. It is said the once empowered the strike could cut through any material. Their weapon of choice also differs them from their brutish cousins. Most, if not all Oni wield club like weapons, such as a kanabō.

The Master chef, Wasabi-Yochiba and Kitsune Kitchen Staff
For some reason these cunning and mischievous fox demons are masters in the art of cooking. If it has to do with food the Kitsune are there. Chefs, bartenders, waiters, cooks; the Kitsune have quite the culinary skills. Dabbling in all culinary styles these fox demons will spend their whole lives trying to master each and everyone (and considering Kitsune live very long lives it is a goal that can be one day accomplished). However they prefer to specialize in Eastern cooking styles. The Kitsune Kitchen Staff in the Demon Kings consul are known to prepare the most elaborate of banquets. Every night the King and his daughters feast upon countless gourmet dishes made by these Kitsune. It is however it would be very unwise for a human to eat food prepared but the Kitsune. The results of it would not be...pleasant. For one the eaters mouth would sow itself shut, you may grow a tail or you could be thrown into a chaotic alternate reality for all times. So it is advised for Non-demon folk to refrain from eating the Fox demon's cooking. Although if a human does manage to finish a meal prepared by this demons, it is said that it will be the most delightful, flavorful and general most appetizing of meals you may ever have in your entire life.

The Demon King might call the shots everywhere else, but within his palace's vast main kitchen, nay within ever kitchen in the palace, there is but one ruler. That ruler is the fiery nine-tailed fox demon and Master Head-Chef, Wasabi-Yochiba. Wasabi knew and befriend the King when he was merely a child and no where near being the great empower he is today. As both demons grew up their goals and passions were quickly cemented. Yoshimitsu only sought power and control, where as Wasabi he found his passion in the culinary arts. Wasabi left the up-in-coming king to purse his dream of becoming the most powerful chef in the entire demon realm. He trained hard, practiced daily and sought the best masters to teach him. In time Wasabi-Yochiba become an amazing almost god-like chef. Along with being a fierce chef, he has become also a very skilled warrior. He became a master of using Iaido and honed it to be used not only for masterful fighting style but also as a great culinary skill as well. As he became so powerful he grew nine-tails which in kitsune culture means great superiority, power and wisdom. He will do anything to defend his kitchen and his colleagues.

Reclusive Witch, Merodiasusupaidā
Deep in the Demon King's Realm lives a reclusive witch. She is most powerful with magic, she is also blood thirsty and vicious. Oddly she is one of the most gifted, talented and brilliant shamisen player ever known. This is most impressive considering Merodiasusupaidā is blind. It should be noted as well that her voice is also beautiful to listen to. She resides in the ruins of a ancient kingdom within the Yokai kings boarders. She uses her music and voice to lure in all forms of pray to her. Be it human, demon or beast. She does not discriminate when it comes to food. As long as it's veins course with blood, she doesn't care whom or what it is. If music does not work there is a large underground network of web in place. A few inches under of the kingdom's ruins, runs several signal line. They detect movement via vibrations on the ground, this will alert the witch to approaching pray. Some try to find this horrid witch, one such person was in fact the Leoneko Kantoku, Shishiza Gekido's own wife, Yumi-joyū Gekido. She was said to have been taught how to play the shamisen so well from Merodiasusupaidā. Little is known how Yumi-joyū managed to meet this the spider woman and survive. Perhaps the Melodious Spider saw potential promise in Yumi-joyū which allowed her to live. Some even say that Yumi-joyū still is in some what of a contact with Merodiasusupaidā. This comes from the fact Yumi will go into the forest with a live cow and then return without one.

Daitengu Herbalist, Kurōhīrā
Kurōhīrā; which means Crow Healer, lives on Mount Kurama, birthplace of Reiki(palm healing). He is masterful when it comes to the art of Reiki. He is also self taught in numerous other schools of medicine. As a Daitengu; which are essentially the Tengu kings, Kurōhīrā is near constantly at odds with one of the most powerful of all Daitengu, who also resides on Mount Karama: Sōjōbō. Of course, healer or not Kurōhīrā is not one to back down from a fight. He well lead his Kempo Tengus into battle against Sōjōbō if the need arises. In the Demon King's bid for power Kurōhīrā was a great supporter, but only if the Yoshimitsu would help assist him in his own goals of conquest and power. Thanks to their alliance Kurōhīrā managed to gain a substantial foothold within Mount Kurama where as he may never have been able to.

Kampo Tengu Apothecaries
As the Tengu live up high in the mountains this means they have far better access to herbs and plants that would be almost impossible to reach by other means besides flight. Thus several Tengu have been taken into the Great Kings counsel. They are doctors, herbalists, healers and apothecaries. Plants in areas where air is thin seem to be of high grade, at least in the demon king's plane. Kampo Tengu Apothecaries are one of those few creatures I'd advise no caution be taken in meeting one. As the Kampo Tengo have sworn a oath much like the oath mortal doctors take. the also have something of a creed amongst themselves. Do no harm unless harm is done to you, take on all whom require aid, be careful when warming up ginkgo leaf powder in a broth of salt water on Thursday afternoons(the meaning of this is lost on the mortal mind), and finally do everything in your power to help the unfortunate whom has come to you.

The Leoneko Kantoku, Shishiza Gekido and his Kabuki Players
A rare lion bakeneko in charge of the king's personal theater, as its owner, director and producer. As a Leo-neko as he is sometimes referred to as, Shishiza has a very high temper. If anything goes wrong, any minor flaw in a production, he will blow his top (sometimes the top of the theater). Because of his temper very little is known about him as many whom try and get close to learn more normally end up missing.
Kantoku means director in Japanese.

There is nothing the Demon King loves more (other then power of course) then a night out to the theater. Within the palace walls there is a private theater, for which the king charges a fee for locals to attend (The king’s personal theater costs more then any other theater in town, but it is the most extravagant and hosts the best plays). Every few nights he will go to the theater with his daughters to watch a play. Unlike normal kabuki theater, the villains, monsters and demons are often the heroes of the plays. The cast of yokai perform twisted renditions of famous human dramas but played out with the roles reversed. The players shown here are a Nekomata female and dragon male, but that is only a small sample of the other theater members. The sakura clad nekomata maiden is in Shishiza's wife, Yumi-joyū Gekido. He fell in love with her when he heard how she played the shamisen. She learned how to pluck the strings to create perfect harmony. Yumi learned how to play from a reclusive Jorōgumo witch.

Kappa Cultivators
Kappa, are water spirits. Their favorite food (even more then human children) is cucumbers. As kappa favor the water or moist environments it is not terribly surprising to find these kappa males and females (the ratio for farmers are primarily female) would take up jobs as simple farmers. People may think it would not be a very thankful job for this water spirits. They however would be wrong. During the Feudal Era in Japan farmers were of the highest status (for peasants).

Daemon Concubines
These Shape-shifting demons of pleasure, only live to serve. They appear mostly as beautiful human females if not with some slightly demonic qualities. Demon/human relationships are very very taboo in the Great King's realm. The "Girls" can appear as males or demons even animals. They can appear to whatever it is you desire. However they are not purely a sexual creature. The daemon concubines also entertain guests, in buildings similar to a geisha house. They are however different from geisha as a profession. Shown here are a high class concubine and low class. The higher class shows more of a air of sophistication then its crass low class associates. The lower the class the more demonic and less about to shape-shift to perfect as the higher class.

Forlorn Monk
These holy men ether abandoned the path of enlightenment, committed sins against others or lured into sinning by Yurei Nuns and thus have suffered greatly. Their skin became as cloth, easy to tear just like their virtue was and their eyes merged into one to show their single minded selfish views. they now serve the Yokai king in his demonic court. They perch a kind of dark version of Buddhist traditions. Instead of a path of humanity and goodness, enlightenment through purity and peace, it is built on the principles of discord and chaos. Enlightenment through mayhem and madness, the polar opposites of Buddhism. It is by far one of the most popular religions in the demon realm, most follow the path of disharmony. Second most popular religion in the demon realm? Well let's just say its founding principle involves the consumption of human flesh.

Yurei Nuns
It is an unthinkable act to commit the murder of holy persons but sadly such acts are committed. Poor nuns whom were brutally slaughtered by ether rival warlords, bandits or other evil men wallow in despair at their deaths unable to continue their work of the gods. Their spirits linger on until the Demon King saw their plight and once in his life took pity on them and brought them into his circle of subjects. However his actual motives seem more more bent on cause discord in the human world and inflict suffering on the mortals. The nuns however were so grateful to the king that they pledged themselves to his service completely. The king then instructs them to whisper his name into the ears of sleeping mortals to lure them into his realm. They tend to focus on monks and other holy men, thus leading to those men to become Forlorn Monks

Jorō-gumo Clothiers
Fashion is most integral in the Demon Realm. "The clothes make the demon" as the saying goes. The as most are judged on their appearance in this twisted place the need for the best, tailors and clothiers had to be satisfied. The Jorō-gumo took to the role as the Empire's clothiers. As part spider the fabric and silks they produce are in fact made form their own webbing. This helps greatly as there is hardly ever a shortage of "raw materials".

Merchants of Death
It is surprising to think these spirits of death, these Shinigami have choose a side job to taking mortal lives. Also to think the job would be to in the field of Mercantilism. Yes these fickle death spirits take everything they can from their victims and will sell it to others at low reasonable costs. They have the magic to carry tons of items of any size or shape. They are also some of the few creatures in the Great King's realm that can traverse the boarders of the human world and demon one with great ease.

The Nobility
A state-privileged status which is generally hereditary. Lords, ladies, nobles, any one of a high ranking social, economical or family background fall into this class. Some also have higher ranking jobs and careers as well, lawyers, politicians etc. The most fashionable, most luxurious, and the most arrogant, ignorant and cruel. For my purpose, this shows what the the general populace of the rich and upper class in the Demon King's Realm would look like.

The Peasantry
Not necessarily poor but not the most well off in the kingdom. They are however fundamentally the backbone of every society. They could be anything from traders, messengers, cleaners, farmers, waiters, blacksmiths, miners, lumberjacks and more.

Human slaves
Any human who haplessly wanders into the Great Demon King's Realm await the same fate if captured. They are forced into a life of servitude. They are made to do meanly tasks until their dying day. The Demon King has rarely given a reprieve to any mortal who is foolish enough to enter his domain. The male humans are made to construct buildings, carry heavy objects, and pull rickshaws for the upper class demons, farm for hours, among other burdensome tasks. They on occasion have been cleaners, but it is slim occurrence. The females are given tasks to which they King sees them most suited to. They could be made to stitch and work with linens, they most often clean. They would work in the kitchens to, again mostly cleaning. Any self respecting demon would never allow a human to touch its food before eating. On some cases the humans themselves might be that food. Human flesh is a delicacy in the Demon world. Only a few demons though really appreciate its flavor. Now some may say that forcing woman into tasks which are stereotypically feminine might seem a bit sexist. Let us look at the fact however, that the demon king’s world is not one of modern times and ideals. It is a feudal time, when their was very few rights woman held and humans are in general rarely treated fairly in any demonic places.

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