PRC Red Titan-Centurion Ranger Picture

"By the Power of Kronos! Titan Red!"
"War Titan! KyokanRed!"
"By the Power of Ares! Centurion Red!"
"War God! JoutenRed!"

Full Name: Aaron Enyalios Guierra
Parents: Ares/ Piedad Guierra, General de Ejercito of the Spanish Army.
Powers: Enhanced combat skills, physical abilities. Inherent knowledge of all wars and combat moves throughout history.
Favorite Songs: "Bodies" by Drowning Pool, "Warrior's Code" by Dropkick Murphys
Personal Quote: "Peace? F#ck peace. Peace is for the weak who don't know how to fight."

Aaron Enyalios Guierra is the son of Piedad Guierra, General de Ejercito of the Spanish Army. From an early age, around 7, Aaron was told by his mother that his father was Ares, God of War. Ares had wanted Piedad to tell him before anything bad happened, so he could practice and be the best warrior of the God Children. Piedad trained him, and his training was enhanced by his apparent knowledge of past wars and combat. Aaron shaped up to be the perfect soldier both of his parents could ask for. When he was old enough, Piedad sent him to live and go to college in the US. While he was there, though, he got a letter telling him his mother had died. Instead of going back to Spain, he used his knowledge of Greek Mythology to travel into the Underworld and find his mother. He kept digging and digging, but he couldn't find his mother. Soon, he found himself in an unknown part, and that's where he met Kronos. Kronos had been imprisoned in Tartarus by the Gods, cut up into a million pieces. His influence, however, could still escape. He tricked Aaron into thinking his mother died in war, something his father could've prevented. Blinded by Kronos' treachery, Aaron set Kronos free, allowing him to awaken some of his titan generals and challenge the Gods. Kronos offered him a morpher and allowed him to transform into one his generals: Titan Red. He fought on the front lines during the Month of Chaos, and many a Gods were slayed by his hand.

Aaron is the sixth ranger, the evil one. His mind has been warped by Kronos to leave only a cold, heartless warrior with no purpose but that of destruction. He sees everything as either weak or strong, there is no inbetween. AFTER, he's turned, however, he turns to Centurion Red and fights with the Rangers, upon which he's a bit less like that. Aaron's power is that he's the perfect warrior. His strength, speed, everything is enhanced, as are his combat skills. He has inherent knowledge of every battle and war as well as every combat move known to man. He IS the perfect soldier. His visor is a slightly changed version of a hoplite helmet. In fact, his whole helmet is meant to look like a hoplite helmet, like the plume on it and stuff. Notice, the bottom of his helmet is pronounced, it's meant to look like an actual Spartan helmet, just modified to look like a Ranger helm as well. His middle name, Enyalios, is an epithet of Ares that means war-like. I sorta stole his symbol from God of War ^_^U The Omega sign is used in the game as well as here, and 1) It sorta is good as a symbol of THE END, like Aaron could be the end of the rangers, 2) it looks alot like a horseshoe, which will come into play. His weapon is the Bellum Spear, of which he is adept at using in combat. Aaron's Divine Beast(s) is a quadriga, or a horse-drawn chariot with four horses. The four horses as well as the chariot combine to form the Spartan Megazord. You can see the beginnings of it in the background of the image(began drawing it on the page after before I uploaded this image.) I added the shoulder armor and battle...kilt...thing...? because I thought it added more to his ranger form(as is common to extra rangers) and I thought the plume looked freakin' cool XD

The T-Phone is your first glimpse at the morphers for Centurions! I'm basing the morphers on phones, but specifically the Chocolate series by LG. I have a Chocolate 2, so it was easy to practice the morphing call and motions XD Anywho, the T-Phone(Titan Phone, opposite of I-phone) is based on the Chocolate 3, whereas the rangers' I-Phones are based on the Chocolate 2. 3 is a flip-phone, 2 is a slider. So, the T-Phone is black, but when Aaron changes to good, it changes to white and becomes I-Phone Red. But yeah, morphing for Aaron is pretty much the same. Instead, he flips open his morpher, types in 1-2-3, then brings it up in front of him. The T-Phone also has a navigation wheel, but its on the flip-up part. He spins that, while saying "Othrys' Might!" Flips the phone shut, punches it forward, "Titans! Fight!" Of course, when he changes, it'll be "Olympus' Might! Centurions! Fight!". I used Mount Othrys because, in Mythology, it is the Titans' version of Mount Olympus. The animation portion is different, and idk how it'll work out exactly, but I'm guessing his clothes break off to show the glowing white like the other rangers, then he runs forward onto a battlefield, shots flying and explosions everywhere.As he's running, the red sorta splashes onto him in diferent sports, then straightens out into the lines that cross his suit. More red, changes into shoulder armor, He leaps and flips, landing crouched down, fist slammed, with battlekilt thing on. He stands up and holds his hands above his head. A cannonball flies through them and suddenly his helmet is there, sans visor. He puts it on like a Spartan helmet, then the visor flashes over his face. Strikes a pose, Ta-DA!

There you have it XD Hope ya like! Next up, the Spartan Megazord!
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