Demi-God 25 Loki Picture

A lord of the Underworld, Loki is a master of Mischief and the oftentimes forgotten brother of Thor (Zeus).

Though not as popular as Poseidon, Hades, or Zeus, Loki is happy to stay on the down low and take little to no recognition from the rest of the family. Loki is a very playful creature, however his playfulness can sometimes be lethal.

Loki possesses living hair which ends with razor sharp claws. His hair can meld together to form different shapes and both it and his skin has the same feel and smell as Play dough when it's in it's normal state, However it can change to be whatever hardness or softness it needs. Loki's body is made up of this primordial substance and as such can also change his body from Solid, to Liquid, or Gas, even going so far as to transform into energy if needed. Loki also has thousands and thousands of masks under his control, which allow him to take anyone's form and perfectly mimic their energy signature. These masks all possess a specific power as well and as such, Loki can literally mimic any magic spell known to this universe. Finally, Loki has contained within him a Chaos Reactor. Which is a magical artifact created by the Chaos to be able to allow entropy to seep into worlds. It is unknown how Loki is able to control this artifact, but it also grants him the power to drive a creature insane by staring into his eyes.

Loki and Vulcan have a similar design as they were crafted through the same means, resulting in their tall, gaunt forms, huge hands, and 4 ears.

Though a troublemaker and not a good person by any means, Loki is not evil, more of a free spirit whom only does what pleases him. As such he is just as likely to help you as he is to harm you unless he feels he owes you one, or if he feels like you've wronged him. He is known for working alongside Lucifer on many occasions and Lucifer has even stolen a few of his masks to use. Loki however may be most famous for his escape from hell when he was banished there long ago.

Loki has a long running rivalry with his brother Zeus whom is also known as "Thor" on Urth. They do not get along very well, but when they do, they make a terrifyingly powerful team.

This too was a fun one to make, if only because of the strange design I had in mind. People always make Loki look rather humanoid, and in Dungeons and Dragons... he looked like Martin Short (Which I was not opposed to at all lol) However I wanted to go with something FARTHER out there than I'd ever seen for him...

Hope ya like it, next is... YOG SOTHOTH
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