Oh, My God Picture

This has to be one of my favorite drawings to date! Normally, I am my own worst critic and am amazed that I can even color within the lines some days, however, I had so much FUN with this piece that I love it dearly in every way! I've had the sketch of this for ages (sans the hippo) and finally decided to ink it. One thing led to a hippo and BAM! Colors!

I really have gotten into Ancient Egyptian mythology lately and have been fairly inspired to draw things...all the things. I decided to use a hippo because the Chaos god, Set, is sometimes portrayed as a hippo or pig. A road blocking, plump, purple hippo seemed an appropriate catalysts for this priestess' peeved expression ^_^ maybe she's in a hurry to get to the temple?

You can view the finished SPEEDPAINT here: [link]

or at my Youtube Channel here: [link]
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