Split Siren: Reflections Picture

"One cannot live as the other thrives
The siren is split, the song is spliced
Two worlds and two lives
Living in harmony
Never meeting in between."

Finally, a Loche/Aeren artwork.
Something that is actually from "Split Siren".

Aeren is a child of Terdis - a modern technological world which thrives on Science and Reasoning. Loche is a royal, in fact -- the Crown Prince of the ruling Kingdom of Callorca, a world which lives on alchemy, sorcery, steampunk and magic. Two worlds, similar fates... two parallel universes which have been split some say by mythology, some say by choice. These two similar worlds is powered by a potent crystal - the Chrystheum, a red gem which is kept by the two royals of Callorca to ensure the power of their universe. However, this maintains imbalance between the two universes, so when Aeren - a Terdisian gets her hands on it -- chaos ensues.

Brushes by:

Used: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS4 Extended
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