Kaiju File: Cylos Picture


Alternate Names

-1I: (Designated GAKIR Codeword for creature)
-Cyclosteus (GAKIR Alternative Option)
-Cyris (GAKIR Alternative Option)
-Bron (Westorian Proposal)
-Kasaoni (Niipanian Proposal)
-Slabbcrasher (Auslander Proposal)
-Forge Monster (Westorian Proposal)
-Hephaestus (Westorian Proposal)


Height: 88 Meters

Weight: 91.43 Kilotons

Fig 1: The craftsmanship of Cylos made apparent. Utilizing metal harvested mostly from abandoned Pre-Whiteout Skyscrapers, threads from his kaiorg silkworms, and various spikes, fangs and plates from defeated monsters, Cylos can near double his physical combat abilities. This particular set of armor is mostly made from mecha plates smelted down to their purest state and forged into a curved cuirass that protects the chink in its stomach. The weapon is made of skyscraper parts, a redwood tree whittled to a point, spikes from Guaiar's chitin, and the head-plates of Siligon.

Abilities/Noteworthy Traits

-Heat Vision: Temperature range variations are extreme depending on the opponent and situation, indicating the beast possesses great control over it. Prior Attack warnings include glowing abdomen and 'crossing' of pupil into solid sphere.

-Hot Gut: Largely defensive in nature. Extremity of temperature indicated by color of glow, from dull burgundy to white. Caused by vibrating its blood, usually through tensing of the muscles.

-Forge Fingers: Glowing palms and fingers caused by internal thermal reactions at will and when angry. This ability can significantly burn whatever is struck or grasped by the kaiju.

-Stony Exterior: Cylos' skin, based on small samples, is indeed carbon-based, but taken to almost diamond levels of density. Craggier portions such as the back are notably thicker than smooth, cracked surfaces like the stomach.

-Boiling Blood: Cylos' blood, thick and surprisingly magma-like, exists at an exceptionally high temperature inside its body, though it is buried under thick layers of rocky skin and rarely shows. If exposed, it can melt right through Salvarran alloys in seconds. This blood can harden over wounds and create even more of its rocky skin, leading many to wonder if Cylos' rocky body was once smoother and the crags are simply scars and calluses.

-Robust: Cylos' body, especially its stomach, appears quite rotund, and this only adds further to its attack resistance. It was debated at one point if this was caused by body fat, though results have shown this to be in fact a reservoir of its boiling, magma-like blood.

Personality: Cylos has been compared psychologically to a hermit and a brigand. It is an anti-social creature, rarely showing a desire for interaction or any display of affection for a living thing. Little pleases it, and little seems to faze it, save for moments when it is satisfied with what it has accomplished, such as a constructed home or finished weapon. Should it feel what is precious to it is endangered, whether from decay or external forces, it will then drop everything and embark on a quest to find what is needed to fix this issue. These journeys can last for years, and usually include violent encounters with kaiju and humanity, but are never longer than they need to be.

Cylos has shown a complete lack of remorse when it comes to taking things from and off of others, and will without hesitation approach the object of its desires. Should the fight given to take it prove too much of a hassle or out of its control, however, the kaiju will be quick to retreat, valuing its own life higher than anything else. Do not think it to be a coward, though, its confidence in the power in his arms and the thickness of its skin make it borderline fearless in the face of danger.

Fair Warning: There is one sure-fire way to anger the beast. It is fiercely protective of its 'property' and should it be tampered with or damaged, little will stop it from smashing the offender(s) into dust under its fists.

Fighting Style

-Vs. Kaiju: Cylos, when facing other monsters, is surprisingly trained and formulaic in its approach. It keeps a short distance between itself and its enemy, studying them and, if necessary, waiting for them to make a move. This has been recorded as lasting from a few minutes to a few hours, and rarely ever does the one-eyed brute end up making the first move. When the opponent breaks the tension and attacks, (which occurs in approximately 91% of Cylos' recorded Kaiju encounters) it is quickly met by the full brunt of Cylos' muscle in a dead on charge. If armed, Cylos will utilize its weapon to its fullest, wounding and immobilizing its enemy. If unarmed, it will usually fling its weight around until it can pin and immobilize the monster with its own hands. At this point, the cyclopic kaiju will begin systematically decapitating the enemy, ripping entire parts of its body off according to its own needs and desires, usually for materials used to improve its weaponry and/or lodgings. This rarely goes on for more than a few minutes, but by the time it has finished its 'work' the enemy kaiju is usually wounded to the point of exhaustion, and rarely pursues the fight further. Should the kaiju manage to dislodge Cylos or recover from its assault quickly enough, the one-eyed giant will not hesitate to defend himself, bludgeoning with its titanic arms and lancing their hide with a powerful ray of heat.

Despite such a great show of strength, it is rare for Cylos to kill an enemy kaiju, possibly out of acknowledgement that by their living new resources could be harvested at a later date. After acquiring it prizes and seeing the enemy has no intention of prolonging the encounter, it will depart, usually heading back to its homestead. Most encounters end this way, as Cylos has rarely been denied its spoils. Should the enemy manage to best him, though, the kaiju will go to great lengths to get what it wants, often embarking on long journeys to find materials that would improve its performance the next time. Because of this, Cylos' win ratio is exceptionally high among known kaiju, having beaten almost all of them at least once.

-Vs. Mecha: Cylos has little patience for mechanized enemies. Their weapons only work when sufficiently powered, making them useless in its own hands in its primitive setting, and they are annoyingly quick to attack, often right in the middle of its own affairs. It rarely has trouble dispatching a mecha, and will often dismantle them and take pieces of their alloy plating for its own uses, leading to a sharp decrease in their use against him. It will typically use its weapons against mecha, as they (typically) move very quickly and attempt to keep out of its physical range.

-Vs. Militarized force: Cylos, powerful as the kaiju is, tends to avoid confrontations with assembled armies, though this is most likely due to the same logic that tells a human to avoid an overturned anthill. Human aggression has proven more than a match for it in the past, and as they are too small to provide adequate resources, it rarely sticks around long enough to do more than launch a few fire beams as a warning. Alien forces, however, are met with much greater zeal, and are often dealt with swiftly and remorselessly.

-Vs. Multiple/Mixed Opponents: Cylos enjoys control in combat, and as such actively avoids massive multi-kaiju/mecha brawls. The chaos therein yields little promise of reward, but should it be forced into one, it will fight, albeit defensively, rarely showing a desire to do anything other than find a way OUT of the battle. This can change if what it may be carrying is broken or lost, however. In such a case, Cylos will enact terrible vengeance, often inflicting terrible injuries on most of the other parties before its rage is sated.


-Physical: Cylos' physical constitution is near unparalleled by most existing kaiju, its skin being harder than most rocks and the muscle underneath increasing the force of its already hard blows exponentially. But, it does have a few direct weaknesses. Naturally, its eye is a good candidate for a strike. A good, focused laser blast to the cornea can work wonders on injuring it, but it will rarely be hit there twice, and usually it will respond swiftly with a blinded rampage of its own. Its fingernails are also notably weaker than the surrounding skin, but are still very strong despite this, and mostly ineffective targets. The true weak point, however, is a small chink in the armor. Located on Cylos' massive gut, it only shows itself when the beast is sufficiently angered and without additional armor plating. The glow that follows betrays the location of a single, small white spot, which if accurately targeted can cause immense pain to Cylos. This is best achieved with a sharp, penetrating missile bombardment, though it can take numerous tries before the strike really breaks in deep. If struck enough, Cylos' belly will rupture, and a geyser of lava-like blood will gush out uncontrollably, turning the surrounding countryside into a smoldering wasteland. It is believed Cylos could be killed with this method, though it is rare to even strike this spot twice in a battle before it flees the scene to protect itself.

-Mental: Cylos is at least in the same realm of intelligence as a human, and as such can be reasoned with, though it is a rare thing to actually get through to it and even rarer still to succeed. Mostly this is done by showing it proof of a greater prize nearby, (ex: the Guaiar incident) and if sufficiently convinced Cylos will depart without a second thought. It is also rather simple to anger the beast, which causes it to become more reckless and more likely to expose its weakpoints.


All right, suppose I should start explaining everything, eh?

This is the 'complete' bio for Cylos, the cyclops kaiju I first showed to the world in a sketch back in August 2012: [link]

I wanted a monster squarely based on a mythological creature in this new act. Its one of the most solid and true types of kaiju presented in fiction, with numerous examples. (Most obviously King Caesar in the Toho kaiju canon)

So, I started pouring into several monsters of classical lore, looking for something distinct in the kaiju world, known but never done. The cyclops was a quick choice. They're awesome creatures and have a lot of neat aspects to them. That and there's no shortage of reference images of many kinds.
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