Lovecraft Month FINAL: NYARLATHOTEP Picture

(Thanks to ~RenDragonClaw for the colors!)

Stop moaning~
Stop groaning~
I stopped caring hours ago~
Only a fool picks a fight with the Pharaoh~

Stop moaning~
Stop groaning~
I don't even want to know~
How in the hell you got screen time on this show~

Stop moaning~
Stop groaning~
We stopped caring hours ago~
Who in the hell picks a fight with the Pharaoh?~

Stop moaning~
Stop groaning~
I don't even want to know~
How in the hell you got screen time on this show~

-Pharaoh's Throne: [link]

The Black Pharaoh.
Crawling Chaos.
Howler in the Dark.
Dweller in the Dark.
Haunter in the Dark.
The White Man.
The Bloated Woman.
The Putrid Mist.
The Wailing Wither.
The Faceless God.
The Floating Horror.
Mr. Skin
The Black Man
The Royal Pant.
The Black Wind.

All are one.

Nyarlathotep, is quite possibly my favorite entity in the entire Cthulhu Mythos. As he is the one entity that can have a personal interaction with the protagonists as he/she/it can literally be ANYTHING. Allowing a degree of interaction and story roles that things like Cthulhu cannot be allowed because doom.

Nyarlathotep is the Messenger of the Outer Gods/Old Ones and he is described as the "soul' of the outer gods leading me to believe him to be apart of a Freudian Trio with him being the Ego, Yoggers being the Super Ego, and Azathoth being the Id, lol.

Anyways, he has a variety of "masks" which are essentially different forms (I like to think of it that each mask as their own distinct personality which explains the mythology of it somewhat as each mask has their own behavior they do, the Black Man for example does Faustian Deals which screws over poor schmucks who make a deal with him, the Haunter in the Dark scares people to death, and the Black Pharaoh is pretty much a god tier troll.

Hell, he is probably the first modern troll to be featured in literature, predating the term and the internet by a good eighty years, lol. His actions include telling Randolph Carter he can go home, only to really send him to the court of Azathoth, offering researchers in the RPG a way out "to the surface" only for it really be a portal to ancient Egypt which he traps them.

My interpretation of him is thus: Being the Soul and collection of thousands if not tens of thousands of distinct entities, he desires "entertainment", blowing up universes is fun, but it gets real more fun when you are trolling your victims on a person to person basis. He gets entertainment from out suffering hence why an outer god with manipulation of time and space at his disposal doesn't just wake up the Old Ones, say, today, he is milking entertainment from our feeble race. He finds our poor, pitiful attempts to overcome our inevitable fates amusing. And finds it entertaining like any sort of tragedy or comedy.
Each of his masks push this agenda their own way, thus making our plights and his amusement last longer.

Truly a god tier troll.

So thats it for Lovecraft Month! Good Year overall, definitely like the turn out! Next year will require me to focus on more and more obscure entities which may get fun, joy.

Also: Fuck Haiyore! Nyaruko-San!
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