Vilenoc (The Venomous Terror) Monster 05 Picture

Vilenoc, The Venomous Terror
Height: 106 meters
Length: 160 meters
Mass: 60,000 tons

Powers/Abilities: Large pincers, Armored Exoskeleton, Can Burrow Underground, Cobra tail can poison prey through venomous bite, and also can blind prey by spraying acidic venom into their eyes. Cobra tail also has an extendable neck and can tightly constrict and deeply poison an opponent by wrapping itself around the prey and digging its body's fangs into it.

Appearance: Vilenoc is a behemoth black scorpion with the ending of a long body and head of a Black King Cobra serving as the tail and stinger. The scorpion equipped with massive golden pincers, and the Cobra with sharp fangs, and crimson fangs running along both sides of its black golden scaly body and hood. The scorpion(Vile) having red eyes, while the cobra(Noc) having blue eyes.

Personality: While both prefer having their own separate ways, and usually clash from time to time, Vilenoc is a dangerous creature of sickening nature when they work together. But what makes him/them so dangerous isn't so much their toxic venom as to their unpredictable natures. Vile is generally more wild and vicious, doing everything he can to tear apart his prey with his pincers, very bold, and mindlessly straightforward. Noc on the other hand, is calm, collective, and patient when in battle. Serving mostly as a scout for spotting openings and weaknesses through instinctive observation. Only Striking when the perfect opportunity has been given. This makes Vilenoc extremely dangerous for with the rushing might of Vile and collective calmness of Noc makes two toxic forces into an even deadlier being.

Origin: Vilenoc is the product of a horrific experimentation conducted by Dr. Vaigoro, a man obsessed with Egyptian culture, Egyptian mythology, and science. Through the use of Alien radioactive fuel from a crashed cargo ship carrying shipments of the waste, created a monstrous creature from samples of a rare extinct Egyptian Black Scorpion and Black Cobra species, using the DNA attained through discover of their fossils. Determine to survive the chaos of the global war and invasion, while striking at the chance of seizing the crumbling world as its new ruler, with plans of revenge against mankind in ruining him and kicking him out of the scientific community for his ideas of DNA splicing for creating an army of monsters to fight back against the Aliens. Dr. Vaigoro crafted his own monstrosity, prepared to put his plans in motion. Through the control of magnetic brain waves(wink, wink, for G-fans!), Dr. Vaigoro sends Vilenoc to wreck havoc upon the unprepared world, the first to be destroyed by his genius, humanity. And then, everything else, cleaning the slate for his own approaching empire.

Here's the latest addition to the GORMARU series, Vilenoc!

Not my best work given the intense cold I'm bugged by, but it's decent looking enough.

Can't have a classical monster series without a mad scientist! Even more so, can't have a classical monster series without at least a giant Scorpion monster! What better way to make such a monster memorable than adding another deadly aspect to it: A Cobra! Of course not a completely original idea, but surprisingly it is an idea that is sadly not tapped into often. Plus this makes the first arachnid monster of my series. (Well, mostly lol). I'll be adding an insect soon enough, things are only becoming more and more insane with my series! Mwuhaha-cough, cough...Urhm...Back to the lab again!

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