Re - Ra Picture

This image is the second in my modern interpretations of the Netjeru series. After completing the first version of the first piece in the series (Wesir-Usar-Osiris which I plan on re-doing) and making an attempt at another piece using the same technique, I've decided to revise my methods for the sake of time and my sanity. While Wesir-Usar-Osiris was 11" X 14" and largely done in colored pencils, this piece is only 3/4 that size and includes a wider variety of mediums. I'm much more pleased with the result of my revision, and there's no unsightly rippling of the paper to screw it up during scanning!

In any case, on to the Netjer (i.e. God): this piece depicts arguably one of the most paramount Deities in ancient Egypt: the sun God Re/Ra. As with Wesir-Usar-Osiris, it was inspired both by research as well as my own personal impressions of the God. I'm not entirely sure how I came upon this concept, but somehow I was inspired to envision Re/Ra as a trucker.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Re/Ra traverses the sky in a solar barque known as the "Boat of Millions of Years." Re/Ra, His boat, and His entourage emerge from the womb of the sky Goddess Nwt/Nut at dawn and are swallowed by Her at dusk. Were His travels to be interrupted, chaos and disaster would ensue; time itself would come to a halt. My vision of Re/Ra as a trucker (Americanized as "Ray the trucker" - note his hat!) was likely conceived as a result of recalling a bumper sticker I have seen in my own travels: Without Trucks America Stops. And so we have a modern interpretation of Re/Ra, diligently hauling the sun across the continent, bringing light during the day and securing its power through the underworld at night.

His trusty eighteen-wheeler is adorned with traditional symbols and motifs. Taking the place of a Mack bulldog hood ornament is one of His perennial manifestations, a falcon accompanied by a sun disc. A winged sun disk is painted on the side of the truck, while the scarab beetle representing Him in His aspect of Khepera is near the headlights. I've never drawn a tractor trailer before (and chances are it may be some time before I do so again), and considering that I typically suck at drawing vehicles, it didn't turn out too poorly. I did mess up the perspective in a few spots though.
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Size: 8.25" x 10.5"
Medium: Prismacolor colored pencils, pen and ink, acrylic, water-soluble markers
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