) Grand Gish Sunburn ( Picture

Sᵾnƀᵾɍn Ŧħɇ ǤɍȺnđ ȺnnɨħɨłȺŧøɍ Ⱥnǥɇł

𝕴n ancient Sumerian mythologies, Gishes were known as wargod angels whose sole purpose were to annihilate gods or angels at any cost. A Gish will use any and all their powers to hunt and kill their prey, even if it involves the destruction of universal spheres. A universal work of paradoxial nightmare and chaos, their hearts are of order and insane chaos- their personalities twisted- impossibly ruptured. Incompatible, and incomprehensible. The trillion Paradoxes within their hearts boil and churn in turn powering their seemingly infinite rage. Gishes are immortal and indestructable by the nature. When such an abomination is born, their hunt begins and continues past eternities until its prey is erased from existence, every atom destroyed, every affinity crushed, every piece of information erased.

𝓦hen Oort, god of all gravities introduced his angel under Dhamasa and Energeia's divine rulership. The latest angel- Sunburn proved to be more then a living piece of clockwork. With the first Annihilator angel under Dhamasa's command. Neither Vovi nor his angels could possibly anticipate the coming bloodshed that would ensue in the arriving dawn...

...An unchained Gish upon the world of Preludium.

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