The Black Star Crystal Of Disharmony Picture

Vadrigar and Discord 3: The Black Star
Midnight has arived yet again on Celestia, but something was different. The world was uneasy. It had become ill of the presence of an almighty evil. It was raining, hard, and thunder ravaged the land on this particularly stormy night. The statue of Discord was unguarded once more on this night, its caretakers have neglected it and had already had started to build up a greenish lime texture. Alone for merely a second more, a flash of lightning showed the features of the creature in the night and not a split second later, a familiar cloaked man stood before him.
Vadrigar: "Tonight is the night, my disciple, the night I set you free."
The man opened his cloak to reveal a small vial filled with a white mucus-colored liquid, the vial was filled with tears of the feared Gorgon creature of Greek mythology. The creature whose gaze could paralyze one in stone whose curse could only be cured by the tears of that very creature. He opened the vial and poured it onto the creature's lion-like arm. He had instantly started to crack rapidly. The erosion of a thousand years of ware had immediately broken the stone and the creature let out a great sigh of breath and fell to the ground in the rain, weakened and embarrassed. For a moment he was silent, with a grave look on his face while the man stared at him curiously. Never before had a god fallen so low. his fur was soaked within the minute and the scales shined from the rain and lightning glare. The creature finally looked up at the man and shook his head in compliance. The man had whisked them off to a cave high at a peak in the vast purple mountains. Up there it was freezing and full of snow. Any mortal creature would have died of pneumonia having just went there in the rain, and Discord was feeling more mortal than ever before. They stood before a massive cave with a large boulder blocking the way. The rock had proved to be a very small obstacle and Vadrigar had slid it several yards away with a small twitch of his finger while the creature behind him stood there, shivering uncontrollably. Once inside however they were both met with a very humid heat. The essence of Hell filled the air. Vadrigar had walked slowly and silently through his lair, which comprised of wide rocky hallways decorated with skulls of various creatures, some human, others animals. Discord had recognized some of the pony skulls lining the wall and even saw one of his own race, which really left him uneasy. after about a half mile of walking through the creepy torch lit corridor, they had arrived at a circular room with a hand-made rounded table in the center. There was a huge fireplace which connected to the next-door volcano where Vadrigar had gotten the heat. There were several massive shelves which ran along the wall and were filled with various sorts of evil books including the famed Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead. The room was lit just well enough in the center of the room with a sharp contrast between it and the hallway.
Vadrigar: "Sit."
The creature had obeyed and sat at the wooden chair at the round table in the center. Vadrigar had sat, his cloak hanging on the wall. They sat for a minute in silence before either of them said a word. It was very uncomfortable. Discord twiddled his fingers and looked around for something to talk about when he noticed the man's pointed black v-neck electric guitar in the corner perched up against a wall.
Discord: "Oh! You play music? I love music, especially chaotic music."
Now looking at the guitar himself, grinning.
Vadrigar: "Yes, it was a big part of my former life. I was the leader of a big time heavy metal band. We trekked the world, stealing shows and taking the souls of mortals on my quest for revenge against my father."
Discord: "Ooooh! That sounds like lots of fun. Did you cause lots of chaos? And your band, what were those guys like?"
Vadrigar: "Yeah it was definitely chaos at its purest form. We ravaged the world... but nore more. Dead... my band is dead. They were killed by a holy warhead on our tour of Japan, a major city in my world."
They continued to talk. Well, actually Discord continued to ask questions with the naivity of a child while Vadrigar continued to answer in as few words as he could.
Discord: "Say, this is quite a place you have here. A little dead for my taste but what the hey, every guy has his style right?"
Vadrigar: "Enough of this, let's get down to business. I've been doing some research on these things called the Elements of Harmony"
The mere words made Discord cringe
Discord: "Oh no, not them. That's what set me in stone in the first place."
Vadirgar: "I know, I watched it happen"
Discord: (Angry): "But... you did NOTHING?! You were there to watch me get sealed in that nightmare and YOU DID NOTHING!"
In a flash the demon had teleported onto the table and held the creature up in the air by his long neck, leaving him gasping for air. The man's eyes burned red and the fury on his face was indescribably fierce. His next statement was let out in a nasty, almost inhuman growl.
Vadrigar: "First off, this is MY domain and I gracefully allowed you to enter it. Second, even as powerful as you are I could crush you LIKE A BUG so you will NOT address me with a shouted voice! YOU WILL RESPECT ME AND YOU WILL NOT UNDERMIND ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"
The creature tried to teleport away but felt as if Vadrigar was draining every last bit of power out of him
Discord: (Squeak) "Yes." the creature managed to squeeze through his collapsing air-ways as his eyes started to roll up in his head.
Discord released him and the creature coughed and wheezed several times while massaging his next and tearing from the pain.
Vadrigar: "Now, as I was saying before I was so RUDELY INTERRUPTED!... I need the elements of Harmony, all seven crystals must be in my possession. They are the ponies' only power. I have a plan. When all of them are in my possession I will perform the ritual, I will absorb the negative enery of the stones and fill them with my own negative energy. Then, I will merge the stones creating what I call the Black Star Crystal. Now, such a thing can be made with ordinary jewels. But the Elements should prove to be massive in power when converted to a Black Star. It will be unstoppable, and like the others it should be worn around the neck. It should also be capable of conjuring a portal to another world without my own use of power. I will use it to travel very far from this plane, far enough to lose touch with God and Satan. This is where I will build my new kingdom, where I will dominate all and where none, even my father and uncle can oppose me. The star will be left in your possession. This will restore you to your former glory. Imagine it. You can be a god again. You can rule them with an iron fist. They will cower before you. You were a raging bull, and I am setting you free to unleash your rage upon the world. Make it as chaotic as you want, as it will be your playground. The offer doesn't get any better than this."
Discord looked at the ground, his life flashing before his eyes. He became filled with rage but then he smiled an evil smile
Discord: "Lets do it."
Little did the foolish beast know that the power of the Black Star would be infused not only with Vadrigar's power, but also his inbred cruelty. The wearer of the Black Star would be given limitless power at the cost of losing any shred of humanity and morality they have left. Will Discord fall for Vadrigar's trap and wind up destroying the only one he held so dear for the power he yearned for so much?
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