Djinn Adoptables [CLOSED] Picture

These took me longer than usual and they came out really nice, so these are selling for $8 USD each!

Djinn are creatures from Islamic mythology. They are the predecessors of the modern "genie." Djinn are shapeshifters, and they have various magical powers such as invisibility, flight, elemental manipulation, wish-granting, and illusion-weaving. Djinn are native to a separate dimension from our earth, something like a spirit realm. They may come to earth of their own will (usually to create mischief and chaos), but they are sometimes summoned by humans and bribed or forced to do their bidding. Djinn are generally regarded as being mischievous creatures, their antics ranging from annoying to deadly, but Djinn can be good, evil, or neutrally aligned, like humans.

I did not create this species! Djinn are a real mythological species from Islamic texts.

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