Loki Lineart Picture

Dun worry, I'm gonna scrap this once I color it.

-____- Uuuugh. Don't mind the scanner shadow. I'm much to lazy/tired to photoshop it out. So you can either pretend it's not there, or pretend it's the most beautifully ingenious artistic element you've ever seen. ^^

Yesh, yesh, ish Loki, from Norse Mythology, blood brother is Odin, all that, werd, up in the Norse Hood yo. I felt like drawing him, and that, dear chidlins, is the inspiration. I used a picture of a bust of Odin and a Valky...thingy, and a Viking Boat for reference on what the crap Norse designs would look like. Bloody lot of squiggles I tell you. I'm a brilliant squiggler. Norsitude is right up my alley.

Could be awhile before I color this though--got a skool project to work on tomorrow. >_>. SO in the meantime, ENJOY TEH LINEART! ^^
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