Gods of Egypt: Horus Picture

Another god to add to my ongoing series....he's quite a dishy bish, don't you think? Son of Isis and Osiris, Horus is the god of the sky, light, the sun, kingship, order and justice, protection and strength, and more, he was one of Egypt's most important and powerful gods. As a sky god, his eyes are the sun and moon (which here I have represented with mismatched gold and silver eyes-I'm not sure if I got them the right way round though) he is often shown with a falcon head, but as I was unable to draw such a head on this base, I drew a falcon breastplate on him instead.
Brought up by his mother Isis in the nile marshes, he was protected by his mother's magic from scorpion and snake bites sent by Seth, the evil god of storms and chaos who murdered Osiris and now wanted to murder his son. He grew up to become a brave warrior and avenge his father and claim the throne of Egypt-he fought great battles against Seth. In one such battle, Seth ripped out Horus's eyes, but fortunately they were restored by his wife Hathor (or sometimes Thoth). Eventually, Horus won and peacefully ruled over Egypt, and from so forth he became the protector of the pharaohs.
The Eye of Horus is one of the most famous Egyptian symbols, a beautiful swirling eye glyph that symbolises many things including protection, wholeness, foresight, it is the 'all seeing eye', it has other meanings too but I can't remember them now...apparently there were many different Horus gods in Egypt including a 'child Horus' often seen sitting on his mother Isis's lap (an image that may have inspired the madonna and child imagery) and a Horus god who is associated with the great Sphinx, as well as others.
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