SoC: Contract Records- Connection Picture

"It is said from the earliest roots of contractor mythology, every living thing is born with a living clock; sometimes the clock just ticks meaninglessly till it stops, it feels like it isn't even ticking at all, the person never finding their fufiling purpose in life. The contract system and contractors was started as a way for individuals to make up for what they lack alone by having someone else help and show them a path that they never could have found on their own, giving them a second chance obtaining purpose. It is a symbol of trust and dedication, a connection of both the contractors' souls. Every aspect of their lives become connected through the contract; joy, traumas, hope, ruin, dreams, reality, life, death, the contractors share a symbiotic relationship, each gaining new insight through the other by carrying the weight of the others life. When bounded, both can be at their most powerful, but also at their most vulnerable. Strength gained is countered by the conflict of trying to fully understand the other not from a personal point of view but also from the other’s point of view.

It is also true that the contract is designed to empower the new contractors with the skills and knowledge of their contractors, but the contract system isn't just some simple one sided learning mechanism; The role of master in the contract is fluid and shifts constantly, the contractor is the master and student to the younger contractors as the younger contractor is the student and master to their contractor, both gaining something new.

Dispite all the eras the contractors have lived it, all the aspects of the contract remains the same, we help the new generations to obtain what we did with our contracts. All contractors are a living legacy; they carry the legacy of their contractors and all the connected contractors of the past, joined together with a bond even stronger than family. For them, even when their former contractor’s body return to ashes, their spirit shall forever remain alive within them, it remains an unbreakable connection”

------Fedelis, 2nd guild master of the Aran Tribe,

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