Pokefusion - Sleipheon Picture

Last last night, Vatenown told me it was lonely. Yes, IT. The Unown DNA gave it an unknown gender, not to also mention telekinetic powers. Anyway, it wanted a companion, and since most of my other creations were off serving others, I couldn't argue.
I started digging through my files and blueprints when I came upon this. Something my little sister and I had imagined a long time ago... and once I looked at it, my mind was made.
At first, the egg showed very little signs of progress. But then one day, it suddenly broke free from its incubator and hatched. I dubbed it Sleipheon right then and there, after the legendary, eight-legged horse in Norse mythology.
Normal Type
??? Pokemon
Ability: Adaptability
Signature Move - DNA Chaos
Power: 110
Accuracy: 100
The user generates power from the strongest Fire, Electric, Water, Dark, Psychic, Normal, Grass, and Ice types, unleashing it in one powerful attack. 40% chance that the opponent will be Burned, Paralyzed, Confused, Frozen, or put to Sleep. The user's type is randomly changed afterwards.
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