Jormungandr Picture

Jormungandr AKA Jormungand AKA The World/Midgard Serpent AKA a lot of other names. Second son of the Norse god of Fire/Mischief/Chaos/Lies Loki (Hence the Mother of Monsters Title )and a frost Giantess Angrboða.

Yeah the norse had some fun mythos and Loki had quite the set of children, in retrospect it is no wonder he went bonkers even though he is not blameless in the tales I have read. Jormungandr for example was tossed into the ocean of Midgard by Odin and prophesied to kill Thor by venom and be subsequently killed by Thor at Ragnarok.

Jori is supposedly so big that he encircles the earth eating his own tail. Also fun facts that I recall is that Thor once was able to lift part of Jori's coils under the impression he was lifting the cat belonging to a giant. Thor also used and ox head as bait and caught Jori for a time before Thor's giant fishing companion freaked and cut the string.


Jori was one of my favorites because well...DRAGON/sea-serpent. Him and Fafnir were two of my favs along with not surprisingly the wolves--Hati, Skoll, and Fenris.

This is one of those pics that just wanted to eat me or me it I really don't know anymore. And I am well aware of the mythological irony in that. But I did the lines for this last semester (and year but that sounds odd) and finally got around to doing the coloring and not un-relatedly outlining it for a second time. On the bright side of this I think, and this is optimistic and subject to further testing, I have finally found a kind of pen/ink that doesn't erase or bleed on my paper. Radiograph pen's for the win---hopefully.

I was originally going with snake scales in fact I had them drawn out on most of Jori...and found out that they did not work AT ALL with the copious amount of eyes I put in to make him more monstrous. There were also more coils but they didn't work visually so I cut down on his size a bit to something that didn't break my brain.

His coloring is based after the Gaboon Viper also known as the big mother of freaky snakes--subsequently one of my favorites. Has two INCH long fangs and deadly poison as well as the dead leaf camouflage that probably makes military clothes designers weep. Fins are based after whales. Google images was used for both and the barnacles.
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