Appa the Mountain Colossus Picture

This is just a story idea that I got a few days ago at 4:00 in the morning. XD
I've been reading up on some Greek mythology and found stories about Titans and Colossuses and I decided to make a G/t story to involve them. (It's also appropriate, considering today is hug a giant day!)
Here's the story: It's 1945 and WWII has just been deemed over. However, the blast from Hiroshima and Nagasaki has awakened the old Titans and they are ANGRY. They come forth and destroy whole cities, creating mass chaos and fear. There are only a few in North America and the U.S. Military has developed weapons strong enough to take them out, so they aren't as great of a threat in the United States. However, the public still fears them greatly. But one family isn't too troubled by them, so long as they don't enter a Titan or Colossus's territory. They purchase a summer home deep in the Appalachian mountains and stay there on vacation. Two siblings: Katie (11) and her younger brother, Dylan (9) love the mountains. Katie is brave and enjoys climbing cliffs and trees while Dylan prefers to stay on the ground and look at bugs. One day while exploring, they take shelter under a rocky outcrop during a rainstorm and all of a sudden, the wall opens up to reveal an eye! Appa is a very lonely mountain Colossus who has spend the past thousand years laying by a lake and blending in with the scenery. He dearly misses having children play on him. the last children he'd befriended were pioneer children centuries ago. Upon meeting Katie and Dylan, he assures them that he is no threat and grants them permission to explore all they want. Dylan is a bit more hesitant to befriend the Colossus, but Katie immediately thinks he's a genuinely nice old man. Appa swears to be their protector in case a bear or other Colossus tries to harm them. He may be old and could crumble at any time, but he won't let a great big Colossus with a nasty temper harm the only friends he's had in 300 years!

Appa & Story (c) ~WildDogChild
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