The Serpent, The Wolf and The Half-Dead Picture

Remember about a year ago when I created a film noir take on the mythological character Hel from nordic mythology [link] ? no? well anyway, back then I had created quite a backstory and alternative setting for her which also included her siblings, the Fenrir wolf (Fenrisúlfr) and the Midgard serpent (Jörmungandr). So here we are, film noir inspired portraits of the three monstrous siblings.

(Just picture this taking place in the huge fictional city/state of Yggdrasil, sometime in the 1940s)

Jörmungandr (green) : A powerful busniness man, controls all the of the water surrounding the area. Nothing enters the water without his knowledge, he patrols, inspects and control the sea. Very caught up in his own business and seldom actually seen by outsiders but most know better than do something provoking to him. He does not shun unethical means to get his way, actually he will do that more often than not. The authorities usually don't bother him though, they know Yggdrasil needs him to keep order on the water. He is greedy, controlling and got a terrible (to the point of poisonous) breath due to heavy smoking.

Fenrisúlfr (red) : A violent, aggresive and no doubt very dangerous thug. Intimidating to most, especially considering his strong and powerfull family contacts. Unlike his siblings however he never started a business himself but that doens't hinder him from having great influence on society through terror and blodshed. There was never a fight that he didn't won. That was however till he got tricked and locked up in the state's most secure prison cell. He vows great terror and chaos once he gets out.

Hel of Helheim (blue) : She runs a murky bar filled with slow paced jazz, smoke and miserable souls. This is however just a curtain, truth is that she controls pretty much all of Yggdrasil's under world. She is extremely powerful and dangerous. Physically frail due to an unknown disease tearing through half of her body and sensitive to sunlight she seldom leaves her bar, she got plenty of henchmen to deal with the dirty work anyway. She is cold, scheming and longing for revenge on those people who she deem resposible for leaving her disformed as well as locking her brother Fenrir up.

Haha these have been so much fun to work on, especially the new designs of Jörmungandr and Fenrir. It's still been a bit of challenge to get their mythological origin to show, the results are subtile (except for Hel I suppose, but she've gone through a lot of work) but I'm happy with it anyway. Just wished I could come up with something more creative regarding the background of the picture
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