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EDIT (28/05/2009): I've slightly messed around with the shading of all three Pokémon and I've also changed Thundragon's design a bit more.

EDIT (26/05/2009): I've changed Avalgoness' design so she has now got visible legs, making her as tall as her brother Pokémon. I've also changed the shading of her hair and stuff. Thundragon's also been changed so he would now supposedly look like that he's made of glowing electrical energy. Dravolcano hasn't been changed, though.

The Legendary Guardians/Guardian Trio (Avalgoness, Thundragon and Dravolcano) are one of the two main legendary trios of the Shinju Region, the other being the Chaos Robot Trio (Positychic, Negatidark and Cyagonetic). Like most legendary trios, they have a trio master. However, the identity of this trio master is currently unknown.

The Guardian Trio are responsible for safeguarding the Three Seals that are required for gaining access to the Marble and Obsidian Cores. The powers of all three Pokémon are contained in three large round crystals, one of which are encrusted somewhere on the bodies of each Pokémon. When these powers are combined, they are said to be equal to the powers of either the Marble or Obsidian Cores. Such mythology have even gained the attention of Team Chaos, the villians of Pokémon Marble and Obsidian, who are seeking these energies as use for a vital part of their plan. These three Pokémon are also considered to be sacred towards the citizens of Shang Xu City, the majority of which being users of DRAGON Type Pokémon.

Avalgoness, Thundragon and Dravolcano can be found inside the Guardian Temples of Ice, Thunder and Fire respectively. They are all encountered at level 42.

Unlike most legendary trios, all three members have a fixed gender. Avalgoness is always female, while the other two are both male. They also do not share the same ability like most legendary trios.

Here's some battle music for a possible encounter with any one of the three: [link]

Avalgoness - The Frozen Wind Pokémon (ICE/DRAGON Type)

Marble Entry:
"The falling of pure white snow accompanied with a cold but gentle wind is said to herald the coming of this beautiful, graceful and majestic Pokémon."

Obsidian Entry:
"Known as the 'Dragon Queen of the Cold and Wind', it is one of three Pokémon that is said to safeguard a mysterious, ancient and powerful scource of energy."

In contrast with the other members of her trio, who both look quite like things that you wouldn't want to mess with, I wanted to make Avalgoness look more graceful and femenine, hence why she looked semi-humanoid. Her butterfly-like wings act as (and even looks like) a cape when not used for flying. She is supposedly based off a fairy dragon.

Avalgoness has the "Snow Cloak" ability. She can use many ICE and DRAGON Type moves and also a handful of WATER Type moves (including HM moves such as Surf).

Her name originates from the words "Avalanche" and "Dragoness".

Thundragon - The Thunderstorm Pokémon (ELECTRIC/DRAGON Type)

Marble Entry:
"It is said in mythology that this Pokémon can make the clouds in the sky turn black and cause destructive thunderstorms when it commands them to."

Obsidian Entry:
"Known as the 'Dragon Lord of Thunder and Lightning', it is one of three Pokémon that is said to safeguard a mysterious, ancient and powerful scource of energy."

I wanted to give this bad boy an Aerodactyl-ish design. He lacks shading in certain areas as he is supposedly made of pure electrical energy.

Thundragon has the "Volt Absorb" ability. He can use many ELECTRIC and DRAGON Type moves.

His name originates from the words "Thunder" and "Dragon".

Dravolcano - The Wildfire Pokémon (FIRE/DRAGON Type)

Marble Entry:
"It is said that it causes nearby active volcanoes to erupt violently if it becomes extremely enraged. Fortunately, the chances of that happening are rare."

Obsidian Entry:
"Known as the 'Dragon Emperor of Flames and Eruption', it is one of three Pokémon that is said to safeguard a mysterious, ancient and powerful scource of energy."

This guy is the ony one of the trio who does not have theability to fly as he does not possess wings of some sort. I also wanted to make him look like a walking volcano, even more so than Pokémon such as Camerupt and Torkoal, but still make him look like some sort of dragon. I'm quite happy with the way he turned out.

Dravolcano has the "Flash Fire" ability. He can use many FIRE and DRAGON Type moves.

His name originates from the words "Dragon" and "Volcano".

Pokémon belongs to Game Freak and Nintendo.
Avalgoness, Thundragon and Dravolcano are done by myself.

You may freely use these sprites as long as you give credit and that you don't modify them in any way without permission and claim them as your own. Why? Because if you steal these sprites I'll send the Mafia after you. Seriously.

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