Miss Video Games - VOTE NOW Picture

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "Miss video Games 2011" pageant! 12 gorgeous ladies have made the cut, being my favorite playable characters in video games over the years.

But now, YOU get to be the judges, and decide which one of them will walk away with the crown! Just give the five ladies who you think are the most beautiful 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point in that order. When 100 votes are gathered, the points will be summed up and we will announce the 4th, 3d, 2nd, 1st runners up and the new Miss Video Games!

Now, here are our 12 contestants wearing evening gowns inspired by their outfits in the game, and designed by me! And to get some insight about their personality as well, each one will tell us briefly why she entered the pageant.

1) Miss Street Fighter: Chun Li Chung
From Guangzhou, China
"I want to show my foes that, beside being the strongest woman in the world, I'm also the most beautiful!"

2) Miss Cadillacs & Dinosaurs: Hannah Dundee
From the settlement of Wassoon
"I needed a break from chasing dinosaur poachers... Competing in a pageant was an intersting option!"

3) Miss Age of Mythology: Reginleif
From Asgard, Norselands
"Winning this contest in the name of Norse beauty would certainly bring me back to Father Odin's grace!"

4) Miss SNK: Mai Shiranui
From Hamamatsu, Japan
"Andy seems reluctant to express his love to me... let's see if meeting a beauty queen would untie his tongue!"

5) Miss Tekken: Nina Williams
From Dublin, Ireland
"Maybe winning this will help me remember something from my past..."

6) Miss Mortal Kombat: Mileena
From the Outworld
"I want to prove that I'm equally - if not more - beautiful to my sister Kitana, and therefore have every right to the throne of Edenia!"

7) Miss Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle): Blaze Fielding
From San Diego, USA
"Well, all the enemies I have dealt with would stare either at my breasts or my legs... so I thought: what the heck, maybe I have what it takes to win this contest!"

8) Miss Tomb Raider: Lara Croft
From Abbingdon, England
"I have no comment to make. For any statement, please refer to my family solicitors, Mr. Hardgraves and Mr. Moore."

9) Miss Soul Calibur: Taki
From Fumano Sato, Japan
"I want to demonstrate that real beauty comes from within your soul, and as such can overpower every evil."

10) Miss Bakugan: Alice Gehabich
From Moscow, Russia
"I would like to show that having dissociative identity disorder is not necessarily a bad thing, it can also highlight our true inner beauty."

11) Miss Golden Axe: Tyris Flare
From Amazon Lands, Yuria
"I'm here to prove that Amazons are not ugly heartless bitches, we do have our feminine, beautiful side... And no, we don't burn our right breast as you can see, this is just bullshit!"

12) Miss Sonic: Rouge the Bat (in her human form)
Unknown origins
"I'm only competing for the prize. I hope it will have a lot of jewelry, maybe one or two Chaos Emeralds..."
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