Sailor Hyperion Picture

Peanut-butter-crack-senshi tiiiiime! Need to fill the outers too, right? We already have Pluto's position filled, so 3 to go! After the fight with Chaos, peace and quiet settles over Crystal Tokyo. But Neptune knew that this peace was threatened, for in her mirror was a shade, that spoke of new dangers that might come. Uranus and she decided among themselves that since they were getting on in years, they needed to continue their legacy. They also needed their children to be stronger than they were themselves.

So, together they decided they needed to find someone with powerful sailor-like crystal to father their children. Unfortunately, not many of these were known to them at the moment, and even fewer close enough to find. Haruka suggested Mamoru, but as Michiru pointed out, Rei would kill them for even asking. Then they remembered someone who might help, a man who spent his every waking day alone on the fields of dreams, mourning for the dream he lost. Helios.

Although he didn't know the women well personally, he knew and understood their cause, and Helios agreed to be their donor. So in less than a year time the two gave birth to a daughter each, who both inherited their mother's gift, along with a blessing from the dreaming sun.

So, first of the half-sisters, Sailor Hyperion, or Hikaru Tenoh. (Shining Sky-king) Like her mother she is fast and agile, and she loves running. She has inherited her father's gentleness though, and is a soft-spoken girl who rarely shows any sign of a temper. It only flares up when her loved ones are in danger, and then her anger is as brilliant and dangerous as looking directly at the sun.
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