God Kari Wolf Picture

Alright...here's next
As usual I've designed this since 2007 and I finally manage to have a little time to draw this for introduction or maybe cover page after I've finished my architecture

no idea and I'm suck at colouring... dies*
Well...here it is--Kari Wolf Element

"It's about Ragnarok Ancient Norse Mythologi The Fornjot God Aegir(Water), God Logo(Fire),God Kari (Wind) and God Joro(Earth) are given to the world as their sacred animalwolves to restore Balance and stop Geri and Freki, two wolves which are said to accompany the god Odin from demolish the nature into chaos. The 4 elements set their journey and guide by -Fenrir's son-Hati and Skoll"

credit and special thanks to Akreon for letting me put her awesomeness Hati and Skoll into my manga
-she's my no.1 wolf artist-

God Aegir Wolf [link]
God Logi Wolf [link]
God Joro Wolf [link]

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