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{Reminder:Carneeval is one of my characters but not 'me'}
The Doctor clipped the papers back onto the board turning a heal to step away from the area he'd currently locked the young Chaos God in, but he was halted. As soon as his back was turned he heard a rasped whisper come from the boy "Whose captive is whose..." He barley mustered.
He turned a heal,staring at Carneeval threw the thin sheet of his glasses "Excuse me?" He said,his tone showing obvious signs of disinterest.
Carneeval moved slightly,the clamped chains still allowing his wrists movement,long strands of sandy brown hair curved each way from the lack of control from his usual hair bands that had been removed,"Earlier..." He let out a snicker momentarily but found no strength to finish it "When you were making yourself feel better by strangling me... You said I act like...Him but I..." He lifted his head slightly to stare up at the now frozen expression taking precedence in the other God of Chaos expression,he leaned back slightly still trying to keep an amount of his overly smug personality in tact "Look like her...Now why is it really...that you chose me to be your little 'experiment'..."
The Doctor didn't answer unconsciously turning himself the full direction towards him .
Carneeval waited,when he didn't receive an answer he took in a deep breath,pausing for a moment "So tell me...Whose captive is whose?"

In all truth even though I doubt anyone reading that, I truly enjoyed writing it,it's great taking Carneeval's usual cockiness and rude but active personality and making it so he's strained and can barley use it.
Ah explanations:
Chaos Gods: Not quite Gods not quite Humans,compared to Humans they would be considered almost that of a God's description,but they do not belong to the exact 'God' category (Chaos,Gaia,Miichi,Kasane) and there is a large number of them living amoung humans to keep the balance of Chaos. -This may sound close to Greek Mythology but truthely I came up with this aaaalll on my own!-
Name 'The Doctor': Each Chaos God has a title,his is the 'The Doctor' due to his illegal experiments done,he never releases his name to anyone after the incident with Arisu.

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