Original Jinchuuriki Picture

Name: Age: He's supposed to be 5... Rank: Hey guess what! He may be a Jinchuuriki, but he's not a ninja! Yay~ Country: Snow.
Abilities: None for the moment...

This contest was the perfect occasion to put on paper my imagination. For the ones who haven't guess, this is based from the manga Naruto and the Tailed Beast from Asian Mythology. We know that seven Bijuus has been captured and sealed by Akatsuki. According to a theory I read in Japflap once, the remaining Bijuu, besides Kyuubi, may be Gobi no Houkou.
So, from the hypothesis, I began to think about the Jinchuuriki - By admitting there is one, contrary to Sanbi no Isonade... We already have two teenagers (Naruto and Gaara), a woman (Yugito) and an old fart (sorry, Yonbi no Jinchuuriki Since we already got a girl, I guessed the Jin would be a boy. Females aren't very numerous in the world of Naruto And I picked the second option. ^^ Even if he looks older in this picture, 'cause I still suck at it. Actually, I imaginated him as a five-years-old toddler... Ah well.
Now, for the -more or less- interesting part. As the Bijuus are described as
creatures of chaos and (human and/or natural) destruction, I wanted Houkou (and only him) to be sorta attracted by humans, to become a kind of Guardian Spirit, but just for Neiji's little village, especially his tribe. So the Jinchuuriki isn't considered like a monster, but like a servant and companion of that may be compared to a God, a chosen one... It's like an honour, a pride, for the chosen and his family/clan/tribe. So, if you wonder, no, Houkou isn't aggressive nor bad or blood-thirsty. Unless he -or his servant- feels threatened... (beware, Akatsuki, bewaaare
Ah, I forgot a detail: Yes, he looks like Kiba, that's almost on purpose, since he's got a big 'dog' like the Inuzuka clan... But no, he's no an Inuzuka. Perhaps a distant cousin, but not an Inuzuka member. Bleh.

Okay, I guess I told everything XD Gotta go to bed now! But lemme say this: I took a lot of time with this, and I'm kinda happy with the result. Even if the colours might be better, but I lacked proper inspiration... (thank you, Mononoke-hime? ^^)
Lineart version, someone?
PS: OMG, what's this artist's comment??
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