Set's Old Job Picture

I started this pic yesterday while waiting for football to end so my Federer vs. Djokovic U.S. Open final could start. It began with Set just standing there, looking all noble-like. And then I thought, "There needs to be something in the background," and lo and behold, up popped Ra... with a rather nervous-looking kitty-Bast.
I've never drawn Ra before, mainly because we had one in-game for awhile before the player skidaddled on us and I never really had a desire to draw THAT Ra. So, this is my own lil' version of him.

For those who don't know, according to some of the Egyptian mythology, every day Ra would make his journey across the sky, and as he did, he made the journey from childhood to ordering off the senior menu... every single day. Unsurprisingly, this made having a bodyguard/babysitter around a pretty good idea, and after the whole Osiris/Horus fiasco, that lucky soul was Set.

My Set has been fanatically devoted to Ra ever since Ra hand-picked him for the job. It was the first time anyone had REALLY trusted Set - and Ra basically trusted him with his life and well-being.

Turns out the desert god of chaos has the patience of a saint. Who knew?

This should probably be in my scraps, but it didn't cooperate with coloring, so I shaded it instead... and I'm really fond of it.
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