Path of Ancestors Picture

Slotted into Anthro becuase normally Owl's don't wear clothing.

Another one in the series of animals I'm trying to do (not sure what one I'm going to do next so suprises in the future I guess?)
I'm going to try and have full version prints of this at PortCon ((please swing by and say hi!)) at the table I'll be sharing with :icongreengosslin: ((marvelous artist! go check her out! say hi!)) who draws the web comic "Chaos Express" <3 found at

Anyhow...on to the owl!
It's called path of ansestors because of the stars... the milky way being believed by some to be the place where the spirits of ansestors go when they die... owl being associated with death in some Native American Mythology seemed perfect for this. After all...who takes them and gets them there? Hence he is wearing a cloak of stars that matches the sky.

There is more picture than there is scanner bed so your really only seeing what I could fit into the scanner... the tip of his wing is is a color fade like sunset at the bottom edge of his shawl/cloak and a logo... plus the signature is like... 'one' with the tree.. >_< can kinda see it on a bright screen... but its pretty frustrating XD

Please don't steal, print, copy, alter or redistribute without asking <3

Medium: Colored Pencil on Matting Board.
Time Spent: 4 hours and 15 minutes.
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