Chaos Lovers Picture

I finally got around to designing Strife, my antagonist's husband from Paths of Destiny. I think he looks kinda cool here. It took me three tries to get this picture down, though. Heh.'s interesting to note that in mythology, Strife is the son of Eris, who is the Greek name for Discordia, which is Roman. Heh, I didn't realize that until after I named him. Whoops.

Not the best couple picture in the world, but definately the best I've ever done, and that's all that matters to me. I'm so proud of this! I think I have found my problem, and that's being the guys are taller than the girls, and that just in general creates problems. Strife is shorter than his wife, as is everyone else in his species, so it actually worked out great.

Yeah, they both are actually the same species, but there is a reason why Discordia is a different color. I'm just not saying why.

I'm just so proud of this picture in general. I found the background picture on a Google search, and it just works out so perfectly for this couple that wants to take over the universe, ne?

Um, yeah. I've made this my current desktop as well.
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