Family Tree of the Little Big Three Picture

How else are you supposed to call them? xD
I like Little Big Three. Well, there are six of them, but still. It's about their parents, after all.

So yes, since I used the really old deities in All the Percybilities, I felt like drawing them too. And since I love making family trees, I thought I'd do a picture family tree for Percy and their lot.

Though only with the really big numbers. Otherwise that thing would be pretty endless, right?

So here it is, the family tree of all the big numbers of Greek mythology, with Rick Riordan's demi-gods as the cherry on top. Well, bottom in this case.

Let me explain it a bit more to you, starting at the top:

Chaos, Mother of Everything
Obviously the deity that created everything is on top. That's how I picture Chaos and how I describe her in my fanfiction too. Out of her cloudy self are coming her four children:

Erebos, Lord of Darkness, Nyx, Lady of Night, Hemera, Lady of Day, Aether, Lord of Light
I like Erebos and Nyx very much, always did actually. The couple is very dark in theme since they do represent night and darkness. Though I picture Nyx's eyes to be silver like the stars and the moon.
And I think Nyx and Hemera are having a major sibling rivalry going on, that's why blondy is glaring at her sister like that.
Hemera and Aether are, of course, very pale with bright golden eyes and light blonde hair. Day and light, after all.
I could have added all the children of Nyx and Erebos too, but that would have been just too much. And I wanted to keep focus on the really important deities. So I only included the three children of Hemera and Aether:

Thalassa, Lady of the Sea, Uranus, Lord of the Sky, Gaia, Lady of the Earth
Thalassa is looking all depressed since she's always kind of forgotten, compared to her two siblings. And Uranus is all glaring and angry because that's the way I picture him. Well, Gaia is sleeping. That's what she did most of her time anyway.
The next row could have been cramped too, but I wanted to keep it light. Left is the daughter of Thalassa and Uranus:

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
Yes, only the important gods. And no one can tell me that love is not important. Besides, I like the fact that she is older than the other gods. Born from Uranus'... well, parts that got thrown into the ocean... so... into his sister. Gross. Like practically everything in Greek mythology actually.
I could have pictured all her cousins on her right, but I didn't want to include all titans, so I only took the two most important ones:

Kronos, Titan of Time, Rhea, Titaness of Motherhood
So yeah, Kronos is looking all mean. Of course, he's the bad guy after all. But since Rhea is the deity of motherhood, I figured she has to be kind and nice and stuff, so I made her smile nicely.
Those two are followed by their six children, the eldest gods:

Demeter, Goddess of the Seasons and Agriculture, Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and Home, Hera, Goddess of the Family and Marriage, Hades, God of Death and Wealth, Poseidon, God of the Sea and Earthquakes, Zeus, God of Lightning and Thunder
So yeah, you probably noticed that I love Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but one thing irked me the whole time already. That everyone assumed that the hero has to be a kid of one of the Big Three. But the prophecy Rick created did NOT say a thing about the Big Three, it was A Half-Blood of the Eldest Gods, and I don't know if Rick had just been very sexist here, but the Big Three are not the only eldest gods. They had sisters. In fact, they had OLDER sisters. Demeter, Hestia and Hera are older than Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. Though since Hera is very faithful and Hestia is a virgin goddess, that would have only meant one female anyway. And I really, really don't understand why Rick didn't include the children of Demeter in this prophecy thing. I mean, controlling the earth, plants and the freaking seasons is pretty powerful too. But enough with the ranting.
Since there are six gods, I thought I'd give each of them an own, fitting color.
Demeter, of course, in green. And since her kids are brunette and green-eyed, I figured her to be brunette and green-eyed too. I think she must be very beautiful since she represents nature and nature is like the most beautiful thing. Oh, and yes, she has wheat in her hair as decoration. Since that's one of her symbols.
Hestia is supposed to look a bit more childish. Because who wants an old virgin, right? A child-like virgin goddess makes it so much better. Anyway, I thought she should look a little more plain. Brunette with brown eyes. And kind. Oh, and she got a little tiara, since she is, at least to me, the princess of Olympus. Only god/dess kind enough to give her spot on Olympus up to end a fight. I figured her to get the color orange since it fits the flames. And yes, the stone in her tiara is supposed to be a little flame. Because that is, after all, what makes a hearth a hearth.
Next to her is Hera. Who is supposed to look all stuck-up. And blonde with blue eyes. Since all the bitchy girls in movies are always blonde and mostly blue eyed. Don't know why. She gets purple because that's the color of pride. And who is more prideful than a woman throwing her own son down a mountain because he's not handsome enough for her standards? And the things in her hair are purple peacock-feathers, because that is after all her sacret animal.
Hades got the color red. Like blood. Or rubies. Depending on the aspect you prefer. Well, and of course also a bit black. Because a bright Hades just wouldn't look right. He's all grumpy, because that's just the way he is. Of course he's also pale, dark-eyes and black-haired. And he got a crown, made of Stygian iron. With a little skull in the middle.
Next to him is Poseidon, all being green-eyed and black-haired like our favorite hero. His crown is silver with a purple shell. His color is, obviously, blue.
And last, but not least, the youngest of the siblings. Zeus. All staring up at his sister/wife, because she's once again angry at him. He got a lightning bolt stone in his golden crown. And other than that, he got his black hair and electric blue eyes. His color is yellow.
Now the last row. The demi-gods of Rick Riordan, starting with the children of Hades/Pluto:

Bianca di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Nico di Angelo
Yes, Bianca and Nico got their olive-toned skin. Because I will never draw them any different.
Right next to my Nico had to be his Sea Prince, of course. Our only child of Poseidon/Neptune:

Perseus Jackson
Our great hero and savior of the world, who got treated like a pawn in Heroes of Olympus so far.
And the last two, the children of Zeus/Jupiter:

Thalia Grace, Jason Grace
Thalia got blue streaks in her hair, because I love her with blue streaks. And Jason got to be a bit in the background, because I don't really like him just yet and Thalia is so the more important kid of the sky to me.

So yeah, that's it. All the important parts of the Greek family. With the colors I gave the certain deities mixing together to create their kids. I actually like the way this turned out. The original looks better than the scans, though. I hate that scanners always eat some of the color!
Oh, and that stupid line in the middle is because that picture is a two-part. And putting them together where they belong together made a stupid line.

I think I've talked enough now.

Bianca di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Nico di Angelo, Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Jason Grace (C) Rick Riordan
All Greek Deities (C) The Old Greeks
This Design for the Deities (C) Peace Phoenix / Moonlight Firefox / Tamara Birgin
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