Ancient Jewelry -Concept II Picture

Ok, I think noone is really interested about this but, well... descripion...:

here we have, again conceptual art from my own fantasy strory. Read the description in the deviation linked down here, before reading this.

So, the upper one is again from Rasgalalth and the lower ones from Athiloria. The left Athilorian one is a religious symbol, for the chaos/dynamic/birth/death-godess (Skaärttijkka) in Athilorian mythology, and the silver pendant was probably used by priests. The right one is from a magical activation mechanism found in a crypt to seal up the room against any entering or leaving, and also to summon some ghost warriors or something if anyone is trying to enter. Again there is a link to the religious meaning. The onesided snake-dragon is relatively seldom, usually they are shown in a pair like on the left pendant.
Now, the upper piece of jewelry is quite similar to the one right beneath it, it has a snake/dragon like beast, in the same pose with some strands going through it and the gem on the same place. In Rasgalath there are some more artifacts that show theese beasts in this way, so this is not just a random similarity. Also the 'Order of Livvinðra' (Magical/philosophical order, that has an extreme political influence in the northern hemisphere, and kind of superseded the religious believes in the northern parts of Enkantravia (biggest continent) and the colonies) is a bit worried about the fact that these symbols are found in the north, but they dont say what the problem with it is, (and that means they most likely are trying to prevent masspanicking...XD). be continued
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