Loki - Norse God of Mischief Picture

I was really unsure of the category, for this...

Norse God of Fire and Mischief.
To be honest, I was inspired by the Mask movies. Both the original, at first, and then the Son of the Mask which is a crap movie on the whole, but, come on. Alan C? Brilliance.

ANYWAY. I've always liked Ancient Gods/Goddesses, especially since my Grandfather got me into Ancient Egypt. It kind of, took off from there. So, naturally, when I heard of a Norse God of Mischief, with a cool name thrown in, I was like "Dude! Wiki time!"

I know most people draw Loki as an adult, as he is (as I remember) described. However, as one of his main... duties? Is mischief, then I thought he would suit this role more as either a child, or a teenager. As I fail at drawing children, he became thus.

I asked Jimmy what colours represented chaos, which is another word used when describing Loki, and he said "Blues, blacks, grays and reds." so, these became the majority of the colours used in the picture.
Wasn't until after I finished colouring, that I realised he was a fire God, too. Then I gave myself a pat on the back, for using fiery colours in his hair.

Did they have piercings? I dunno; spur of the moment.
I couldn't be arsed to colour his... shoulder-thing.

Phew, long comments!

Loki copyright Norse Mythology, I suppose.
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