For the Fairest Picture

By gosh is the glare of oil with cameras horrible. >_< Oil and acrylic on canvas.

It's funny how mythology was so ingrained in Greek life, that they even had a fictional narrative about how the Trojan War started, despite evidence found that it occurred likely very normally without divine influence!

Anyhow, Eris, the goddess of discord, is peeved she didn't get invited to the wedding between Achilles's parents, which included absolutely everyone else. I mean who wants chaos at a wedding, anyway? So Eris decides to cause some trouble by chucking in a golden apple that says "For the fairest." Goddesses Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera bicker over it, and pass the matter to the mortal Paris to decide. They each bribe him (wisdom and knowledge, power), but he likes Aphrodite's bribe the best: the heart of any woman he desires. He chooses Helen, but this does not sit well with Sparta where she reigns as queen. Thus begins the Trojan War.
Here, her hair is a filter into the future, revealing a serious, bloody, bloody situation.
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