Freyja goddess of many names Picture

"I am the ancient ice of this world
Descendant of chaos, void and cold
I am the heir of rulers of death
Colder than stone is my breath
I am the ruler of Fólkvangr hall
Infinite number under my call

Beautiful lady upon the throne
Golden her hair and azure her eyes
Same like her there is none
Her eyes are frozen, she never cries."

Ok, now few facts:
Her name means "Mistress" or "Lady", but she was named sometimes Vanadís ("Fair goddess"), Gefn ("The giver") or Mardöll ("Sea-bright")
Freyja is a Norse goddess of: lust, love, ferility, beauty, wealth, war, battles, death, magic, water and prophecy.
She's along with the Frigg (Odins wife) most important goddess in Norse mythology.
Her tears were able to change into gold or amber once they fell.
She is often described as battle chief of Valkyries, great warrior and very powerfull mage (she was the one teaching Valkyries how to use ancient Vanir spells and charms)
She received half of killed heroes from each battle while Odin received second half.
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