CFA Norse Pantheon Sketch Draft Picture

And finally the Norse pantheon. (Of the ones I'm using. I know there are a shit ton more, all of whom I cannot pronounce the names of! Anyway of the ones that are here.

Loki: god of fire, and mischief. Sometimes doubling for Chaos.
Odin: God of wisdom, war, death and is the All Father.
Thor: God of thunder, and storms. Giant Hunter, and kind of a moron. Loki often used him as a fall man.
Balder: The panzy god of light, happiness, and good stuff. He's weak against mistletoe. It's really his only weakness. Loki gets punished for tricking the blind god into killing Balder with a mistletoe dark.
Skadi: Goddess of winter, skiing, and I guess cold stuff. She's the one who provided the serpent that dripped venom in Loki's eyes before Ragnorak. She's to blame for his vision problems.
Freya: Goddess of Love, beauty, fertility, war, death, and gold. She's kind of a bitch.
Hel: Goddess of the dead, and Loki's daughter. She has sooo many daddy issues. Loki doesn't respond to her e-mails. And her brothers are kinda giant animals.
Heimdallr: Not exactly sure what he's god of. It's not very clear. Guardian of the gods really. Him and Loki were destined to kill each other in Ragnorak. He has gold teeth... Yeah, I found the funny too. So I made him look like a playboy. If you're gonna have gold teeth, you're gonna play the game!
Tyr: Old god of war. He put his hand in Fenrir's mouth, and got it bitten off. He's kind of an idiot.

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