Nix - Greek Godess of Night Picture

It is an ancient Greek goddess of night, daughter of Chaos. (She's not from Olympus)
I wanted to make a striking but simple design, because I loved the expression on her face. I wanted to derive any attention to that area, but without making it so obvious.
The dark stairway is a symbolic object. Metaphorically represents the night going up to the sky. because "Nix" is "the night"

Stock used:

- MODEL: Lucy Remixed - 22 - BY - mjranum-stock

- Stone-stairway-stock - by - oilusionista-stock
- A Wooden Bridge - by - K1ku-Stock
- borderline-stock 110 Fire - by - borderline-stock
- Boat 5 JPEG - by - Wess4u
- Sky - BY - blueangelstock

I love Greek mythology

©Hernan Segovia
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